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Express delivery for Thursday Available Until 3pm Today

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Danfoss Randall 3060

Brand: Danfoss Randall
HCO Code: 08C03
Price: £85.36
Ex VAT: £71.13
Stock: In Stock
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Q: Would this directly replace my Randall 4033? Thanks. Keith H.

A: No, you will need another 4033. Please see the link below. http://www.heatingcontrolsonline.co.uk/danfoss-randall-4033-p-148.html
Q: Hi, I have a Randall 3060 controller which was fitted to my system in the late eighties. It has a white plastic oblong cover with a metal front. dimensions are as follows H 21cm x W 10cm x D approx 6cm. The knob positions are exactly the same. Is your item advertised (Danfoss Randall 3060)a direct replacement for mine? Kind regards

A: Yes it is.
Q: I have a Randal controller fitted for central heating boiler - oblong, brown plastic, with metal front plate. The knob positions are like the 3060 advertised. Q1: will the 3060 replace this? Q2: How do I get the old one off? - two (double)cables go into the bottom of the controller.

A: Yes it will. Under the knob there is a screw to remove the cover. Once the cover is removed it will slide up off the backplate.
Q: Timer not ticking...hot water not coming on even when set to ON. Boiler not firing and pump not working..even emersion heater not working

A: Check the unit is receiving power (no fuse blown or switch tripped). If it is receiving power and the clock is not rotating then it will need to be replaced.
Q: Hi ! My Danfoss Ranall 3060 has started to run slower on the timing clock. This has started after my annual servicing of the Central Heating/ Water Heating Boiler. Is this this a known problem ?

A: After time the motors can weaken meaning they run slower than normal. Unfortunately the only cure is replacement.

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A range of basic electro-mechanical time controls for heating and domestic hot water systems favoured by Local Authorities nationwide for simplicity of operation.

The control modules plug into a separate wallplate/terminal block making installation and servicing as simple as possible. Please note this unit is for replacement purposes only (no backplate included)

All models feature a 24-hour clock with colour coded On and Off tappets which are simply moved to the desired position on the dial to provide 2 on and 2 off periods per day.

The 3060 can also be used to replace the 3020P using the existing backplate.






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