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Danfoss Randall 4033

Brand: Danfoss Randall
Product Code: 10A01
Stock: Out Of Stock
Price: £80.56
Ex VAT: £67.13
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Q: How do you take off the old 4033 unit and replace with a new unit. I cannot see any screws to undo, ie where is the connection to the backplate located.

A: You will need to unscrew the rings around the switches. Then the front cover will come off and the rest of the unit will slide up off of the backplate.
Q: My heating is coming on at the same time as the water, only my heating is in the off position....what could be causing this?

A: This is usually caused by a faulty motorised valves.
Q: My Randall 4033s' clock appears not to be working. It is silent and the dial does not rotate but when the switches are put into the ON position everything works. Can I just replace the clock or will it be the whole unit? Thanks.

A: I'm afraid you will need to replace the whole programmer.
Q: I have a Randall 4033 It has been installed for many years. The heating only comes on when I put the water on also. Will replacing it solve the problem

A: This is more likely to be a motorised valve problem than a programmer problem.
Q: I have a Randall 4033, the clock dial does not seem to be rotating set to 11 o'clock, go back some hours later its still in the same time, I can hear a motor of sorts and its noisy. The date label is October 1986, is this a record and does it need changing based upon the above info.

A: It does sound like it needs changing, the noise suggests its getting power which is all its needs for the clock to rotate. Its done very well indeed to last up until now!

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A range of basic electro-mechanical time controls for heating and domestic hot water systems favoured by Local Authorities nationwide for simplicity of operation.

The control modules plug into a separate wallplate/terminal block making installation and servicing as simple as possible. Please note this unit is for replacement purposes only (no backplate included)

All models feature a 24-hour clock with colour coded On and Off tappets which are simply moved to the desired position on the dial to provide 2 on and 2 off periods per day.

Can be used to replace the Randall 3033 with only a minor wiring change on the backplate.












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