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Express delivery for Tuesday Available Until 3pm Monday

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Sunvic SunPro2000 Programmer

Brand: Sunvic (Satchwell)
HCO Code: 03B00
Stock: In Stock
Price: £49.20
Ex VAT: £41.00
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Q: I have a sunvic sp50 which needs replacing as display is now blank. Can I replace it easily with the sunpro 2000 the wiring etc?

A: It is a suitable replacement, but you will need to replace the backplate
Q: I have a select 207 that's up the spout. Its clicking when both ch and water are on and the boiler wont remain fired up. im assuming the controller is knacered??? Can the sunpro2000 replace without rewiring... someone mentioned it may be opposite mounting....? My current select 207 has wires entering the left of the unit(facing front of unit) Pls help as i have no CH and need to order one. Thanks

A: The SunPro2000 will connect straight to the original wall mount and wiring.
Q: I have an old satchwell programmer, dual channel for hw only and ch/hw. The mechanical clock is losing time and now wish to upgrade. Will I be able to go for the sunpro 2000 without any major rewiring?

A: It will connect to the existing wires used by the Satchwell programmer.
Q: is the Sunvic SunPro2000 Programmer available in left hand or right hand mounting, as it is the opposite hand to the old 207xls programmer

A: Unfortunately not. I would recommend the 2XM programmer instead, as it has the backplate on the same side as the old 207XLS. Please see the link below. http://www.heatingcontrolsonline.co.uk/do-heating-2xm-full-programmer-p-1177.html
Q: What do the lights mean next to the HW and CH icons? One has a red light and one an orange light - does this mean something is wrong?

A: The lights purely indicate that the associated circuit is on (although your boiler may be off if it is up-to temperature).

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  • Selectable 7-day 5/2Day 24 Programming options
  • 3 2 or 1 ON/OFF times per day
  • Advance facility
  • 1 2 or 3 hour boost
  • Holiday Mode
  • Permanent or temporary backlight
  • Frost Protection option (5-20°C)
  • Fully Pumped or Gravity Systems
  • Replaceable backup battery
  • Complete with backplate
  • 3(1)A Contacts

    Dimensions: 90x125x35mm HxWxD

    Replaces (Same backplate and wiring for easy swap):
    Sunvic Select 207 207XL 207XLS Simplex 200

















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