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Drayton (ACL) TAV4 Valve Body

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3/4 Inch Valve Body
For use with TA actuators.

Drayton part number 0614003


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Hi. I have a Ta/M4 actuator and valve. Been in many years and now has failed. Can I get a complete replacement valve and actuator head as I’m told this part is no longer available. Or is there an equivalent valve and head out there? Thanks
Hi. Unfortunately the actuator is no longer available, and any replacement will require wiring and plumbing changes.
Hi there, Does this valve body work with the ta/m2 actuator. If not what body do I require. Thanks G
Hi Yes it does.
The lever on my valve body is jammed somehow and, even though my Drayton actuator is working, it's not turning the lever at all. Is it possible to unscrew the front plate of the valve body (it has a couple of small posidrive screws holding it) to free up the lever without releasing floods of water everywhere? Thank you in advance.
You will need to isolate or drain before opening the valve plate.
Hi, I have a 3 port valve(TAV 4) which is driven by a Drayton Actuator, I replaced the Actuator 2 years ago as the original failed after 30 odd years.I am now getting a small amount of weeping from the valve spindle seal and having looked around there are no replacements for this 1 inch BSP 3 way valve. You mentioned a repair kit ( HCO Code 04D03 but I can't find it ? Is there a repair kit for this valve or will I have to go down the route of fitting a 3/4 inch BSP Valve? And will my Actuator fit to the smaller valve? Tanks Vernon .
Unfortunately the repair kit is also now obsolete. The actuator will fit the TAV4.
Does the valve come with adaptors to take the 3/4" to a 28mm tube, please?
No, these need to be ordered separately.
i have no actuator for the above valve. what one do i need to fit?
The TAM4 is the most common actuator. Please see the "related" tab.
what is the difference btw the TAm4 and TAm5 actuators? Many thanks, D
The TA/M4 is for 3-position systems. The TA/M5 is for priority systems.
Hi, can I replace this valve with any new 22mm valve body ?
If you replace the valve body with a different one, you will need to change the actuator as well. This will mean some electrical changes as well as plumbing changes.
Hi, do you have a valve body for the tam4 22mm Thanks
You will need to use this body with 3/4" to 22mm fittings. As they are not available in 22mm.

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