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Express delivery for Friday Available Until 4pm Today
UK Mainland Only,
3pm cut-off for Highlands and Islands
12 noon for Europe

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Antares 25-50 Domestic Pump

Brand: Antares
HCO Code: 01C01P
Price: £43.19
Ex VAT: £35.99
Stock: In Stock
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Q: Hi there, we're looking to replace an Ideal MP53 pump (codes on pump - TF110, IP44, 230v, Code 82A8E, 1012) Will this one work? Many thanks.

A: Hi. Yes it will.
Q: Hi There. I am on my 3rd Antares S25-50 130 pump in my new house 2.5 years. I was shown that the capacitor is melting, this is has happened twice now. Do I require an electrician to check it out or should I go for a different brand? Nothing else is surging in the house. Regards

A: Hi. It does sound like you have an issue. There may be a loose connection causing arcing. I would get an electrician to check it out.
Q: Will it replace the grundfos UPS 25-55 B 180, IP42 TF110? Many thanks.

A: No, you need a bronze pump
Q: Will this pump replace wilo gold 50?? and also will connector thread size and wiring is it okay??

A: Yes it will. Thread, dimensions and wiring will be the same.
Q: Will this pump replace a Wilo Gold, class F, TF110, serial no' 055 116841. Thanks.

A: It will replace a Wilo Gold 50. For the Wilo Gold 60, you will need the 25-60.
Q: Will this replace an Altech CPS 130-5 fitted in a Boulter Buderus Camray 5 oil fired boiler? The space is limited making it necessary for the box of electronics to be on the left-hand side if the pump is viewed in the direction of water flow.

A: Yes it will. The head can be rotated so the electric box is on any side you wish (without effecting flow direction - determined by body)
Q: hi, just a quick question, is this a suitable replacement for the wilo rs50 gold ? thanks jeff

A: Yes it is.
Q: Hello, will this replace my broken Myson SMC SD53 240V-50HZ (code 0592) solar thermal pump please?

A: Yes it will.
Q: I have a damaged MYSON SMC SD53, code 0492 in a 20 year old Italian heater (brand FAIS). Is it the correct replacement? The characteristics that appears in the pump are: - 220V-50Hz - 0-47A - 106W Do you ship to Spain? Thanks in advance.

A: Yes it is. Yes we ship to Spain.
Q: Hello .. By a process of cross-referencing it appears this pump is a direct replacement for that fitted to a Biasi 28se combi boiler ( Biasi part no. 1002101 ) can you confirm this for me please ?

A: I'm afraid not. It is a special pump for your boiler.
Q: I need to replace a Grundfos 25/50 130 will this fit thank you

A: I'm afraid not. The 25/50 130 was a small commercial pump.
Q: I have a SMC SD53 Myson CH pump attached to my solid fuel range. Will this fix exactly? I have no room for any adjustments in the cupboard next to the range where the pump is housed. Thanks Bernard

A: The gap in pipe is exactly the same (130mm).
Q: My old SMC Comet 2-130 central heating pump has finally packed up. Would the Antares 25-50 pump fit straight back into the system as a direct replacement? This will be a DIY job so the fewer problems the better. Regards Nigel Keen

A: Yes, it will be a direct replacement.
Q: I am looking to replace my existing CP53 and you say this is a suitable replacement. I just want to check that the water connections will not need to be adjusted (ie pipes lengthened or shortened) if I were to buy this as a replacement? Also, do you ship to France and, if so, can you give me an idea of the cost? Thanks Les Henderson

A: As long as your CP53 is the 130mm version (instead of the 180mm) then the gap and thread will be exactly the same. If yours is the 180mm version (possible in Europe), then you will need the pump extension (14B04). You can get a quote for delivery to France in your cart.

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* 5 Meter Head
* 3 Speed Control
* 130mm X 1½" BSP

Myson LC22, LC42, SD51, SD52, SD53, Unit Two, Unit Three, Unit Five, CP53
Circulating Pumps CP51, CP53
Grundfos UPS 15/50
DAB VA35, VA55
Ideal MP53
Pegler TC5
Salus MP100
Wilo Gold RS50
Wilo RS 25-50
SMC SD51, SD52, SD53

This pump has an EEI > 0.23, and is designed for replacement of pumps integrated within boilers, solar stations or other heat sources.

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