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Siemens RAK-ST.1385M Capillary Limit Thermostat

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Ideal for use  for Underfloor Heating - switching off the secondary circulating pump when the flow rail goes over the set temperature (e.g. when the mixing valve fails). Bulb should be positioned by placing it under the rubber grip on the metal brackets in contact with flow rail.

The thermostat must be manually reset to switch back on after temperature drop, alterting the home owner to the system failure.

Technical Data
- Bulb length: 85 mm
- Bulb diameter: 6.5 mm
- Capillary Length: 700 mm
- Setting: 40-70°C
- SPDT Contacts
- Contact: 16(2.5)A @ 250v

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I have a hot water tank which has been installed such that the pocket thermostat can not be withdrawn due to a structural beam. It is not working and, assuming I can cut it out, I need to replace it with one which has a flexible capillary again assuming I can get the sensor into the pocket past the beam. Will this unit do the job? The temperature range is suitable but I don't know about any other issue there might be.
This is a limit thermostat, check it is a limit thermostat you are replacing. If it is a control stat you will need 12A00. Check the bulb size against your existing one to make sure it will fit in the pocket. If you can email us the model number or photo of your existing one we can check these for you.

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