We understand that you may be concerned about how we are affected by the COVID-19 crisis, and that you may have some questions on how it may affect your order.

Am I at risk of catching coronavirus from a parcel I have ordered online?
The World Health Organisation has advised that there are little to no risk of the virus being passed via parcels.

Will my delivery be delayed?
We are experiencing occasional delays to parcels currently due to high levels of staff shortages at our delivery partners.

Is there a shortage of parts?
Regular shutdowns and slowdowns at factories over the past year means many products have extended lead times.  If a required item is out of stock, please contact us, we may have a compatible replacement available.

Will prices change?
Global shortages of raw materials, and higher transportation costs, are fuelling regular price increases from all of our suppliers.  We also are seeing delivery companies implementing surcharges.   As delivery is already loss making for us, we will have to pass these surcharges on in the form of increased delivery charges.

Updated 12/07/2022