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Express delivery for Tuesday Available Until 4pm Monday
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Danfoss Randall 3060

Brand: Danfoss Randall
HCO Code: 08C03
Price: £90.97
Ex VAT: £75.81
Stock: In Stock
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Q: I have a Danfoss 3060 which is about 18 years old, which will not switch off when set to D is the Danfoss Randall 3060 the same and is it compatable with the back plate. many thanks

A: Yes, it will plug onto the existing backplate for an easy swap.
Q: Hi. I'm looking for a replacement Randall 30 60. Mine has a sticker inside saying march 83. And is the mk 3 version. Will this item fit straight onto the existing back plate with no wiring changes? Thanks in advance. James.

A: Yes it will plug straight on.
Q: Does this come with instructions? Thanks

A: Yes it does.
Q: I'm just after the knob as mine has snapped , do you supply this ?

A: I'm afraid they are not sold separately.
Q: Hi my boiler comes on when it shouldn't. The controls on the Randal 3060 don't stop it either. I have to stop it at the main switch. The clock part is working fine, and the thermostat must also be working as it does regulate the temperature. Will a new control unit fix the problem?

A: If turning down the room stat switches off the boiler, then it does sound like a problem with the 3060.
Q: Hi I have an older looking version of this Randall 3060, will this newer version fit OK? I can send a picture if this helps! Is it easy to swap over and could we do this ourselves, or will we need a professional in to do it? Thanks

A: Yes the newer 3060 will fit straight to the existing backplate with no wire changes.
Q: The clock on my 3060 has stopped but by moving the control on to constant the boiler fires up. Will this replacement solve the problem and will the unit slot on to the backplate without me having to rewire it?

A: It sounds like the motor on the clock has stopped, so this will be the part you need. Yes it will simply plug on the existing backplate for a simple swap
Q: Would this directly replace my Randall 4033? Thanks. Keith H.

A: No, you will need another 4033. Please see the link below. http://www.heatingcontrolsonline.co.uk/danfoss-randall-4033-p-148.html
Q: Hi, I have a Randall 3060 controller which was fitted to my system in the late eighties. It has a white plastic oblong cover with a metal front. dimensions are as follows H 21cm x W 10cm x D approx 6cm. The knob positions are exactly the same. Is your item advertised (Danfoss Randall 3060)a direct replacement for mine? Kind regards

A: Yes it is.
Q: I have a Randal controller fitted for central heating boiler - oblong, brown plastic, with metal front plate. The knob positions are like the 3060 advertised. Q1: will the 3060 replace this? Q2: How do I get the old one off? - two (double)cables go into the bottom of the controller.

A: Yes it will. Under the knob there is a screw to remove the cover. Once the cover is removed it will slide up off the backplate.
Q: Timer not ticking...hot water not coming on even when set to ON. Boiler not firing and pump not working..even emersion heater not working

A: Check the unit is receiving power (no fuse blown or switch tripped). If it is receiving power and the clock is not rotating then it will need to be replaced.
Q: Hi ! My Danfoss Ranall 3060 has started to run slower on the timing clock. This has started after my annual servicing of the Central Heating/ Water Heating Boiler. Is this this a known problem ?

A: After time the motors can weaken meaning they run slower than normal. Unfortunately the only cure is replacement.
Q: I have set the dial to H off W twice and yet a radiator still becomes hot ... Is this a problem with the plumming?

A: This is normally caused by a motorised valve problem, particularly if it still occurs when the thermostat is turned down. However, if there has been recent change to the system, it could be caused by a plumbing or wiring fault.
Q: How do I have hot water without the radiators heating up.

A: Rotate the bottom dial to the "H - off W- Twice" position.
Q: 3020p what new controller is compatible

A: The 3060 is compatible. It will simply go onto the existing backplate.
Q: hi, im after a replacement timer for a randall 30/60 timer to update to a digital timer. do you have any that are a direct replacement

A: The only programmer which will go on a 3060 backplate is another 3060. To fit a digital one you will need to replace the backplate.
Q: I have great difficulty in moving the on-off tappets Is there a special way to do this

A: Hold the central black & silver knob with one hand and move the tappet *clockwise* They are designed to be very stiff to avoid slippage.
Q: i have a randell 3060 timer and it is 25 years old. if i buy a new one as shown will it fix straight on the old back plate with no rewiring

A: Yes it will.

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A range of basic electro-mechanical time controls for heating and domestic hot water systems favoured by Local Authorities nationwide for simplicity of operation.

The control modules plug into a separate wallplate/terminal block making installation and servicing as simple as possible. Please note this unit is for replacement purposes only (no backplate included)

All models feature a 24-hour clock with colour coded On and Off tappets which are simply moved to the desired position on the dial to provide 2 on and 2 off periods per day.

The 3060 can also be used to replace the 3020P using the existing backplate.






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