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Danfoss Randall RA2910 Sensor

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Replacement sensors incorporate RA2000 sensor technology and design and provide a simple and straight forward way to upgrade older radiator thermostats without the need to drain down the system.

Includes locking and limiting facility.

Part no. 013G291000 (013G2910) for RA Valves with a 17mm neck

Please see our Danfoss Replacement TRV Sensor guide



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I have recently replaced some older trv sensors with RA2910 the old ones are marked 1,11,111,1111
The new ones marked 1,2,3,4,5 does for instance
3(20) on the new correspond with 111 on the old

The RA2910 is approximately:
I - 5C
* - 7.5C
1 - 13C
2 - 15C
3 - 18C
4 - 21C
5 - 24C
I - 26C
Is this sensor suitable for one pipe systems
Yes it is.
I need to replace old Danfoss TRV's How do I identify what the old valves codes are ? the only numbers I can see are 86P beside the grub screw Please guide me in identification and correct replacement Thermal Actuators many thanks David Bailes
Please see the replacement guide linked to in the description.
What is the difference between this valve and the RAS-C²
This valve is suitable for domestic and commercial properties. The RAS-C2 is only for domestic. This sensor has better performance than the RAS-C2.
HI, could you please tell me if the RA2910 is exactly the same as the RA2010 013G2010 Thank you
The RA2010 is the old obsolete model. The RA2910 is the current updated model. The RA2910 will directly replace the RA2010.
I'm looking to replace a missing TRV head. The valve measures about 17mm across and I think it is a Danfoss RA. I've put a photo of it at if that helps. If it is, could you tell me which heads would fit it please?
Yes, it is a Danfoss RA. This one will fit.
I'm replacing 20 yr old Danfoss 'Cream & Black' Heads (with the 17MM fitting shown in your Danfoss guide). Do I need to buy adapters to use with the RA2910 Danfoss Sensors (or the RAS-C2 Sensors) or will they fit without adapters ? Grateful for any information you can give me. Thank you.
They will fit without adaptors.
Dear Sirs - re the Danfoss Randall RA2910 Sensor, could you tell me what setting I would need to use in order to get a constant 18 degree heat and can the sensor be locked at that setting and how as I don't have any information on this item.
It should be between the 2 and 3 setting. You can limit or lock the range by using the pins underneath.

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