Image is for illustration only and should not be relied upon Danfoss Randall RLV-D Chrome Lockshield - Angled

Danfoss Randall RLV-D Chrome Lockshield - Angled

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Chrome Lockshield - Angled with 8/10/15mm fittings.
This the the same lockshield that is used in RAS-D2 TRV packs.

Optional Accessories:
10mm Pushfit Elbow For fitting to 10mm Push-Fit pipe.
15mm-10mm Reducer For fitting to 10mm pipe.
15mm-8mm Reducer For fitting to 8mm pipe.
Drain-Off Tailpiece For adding a drain-off


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I have one of these valves fitted to a radiator and I am trying to balance the entire system. If I am backing the valve off does it have a natural stop at its full extent to prevent the threaded section coming out? The instruction guide indicates it can be moved 1/4 - 4 but there is no text so I am unsure abut what this means. Obviously I don't want it to come out as I have a pressurised system. Many thanks in advance.
Yes it will stop when fully open, you cannot go too far.
Hello, Are these lock shields supplied as a pair, or is the £16.16 just for one please ? Thanks
Hi They are sold individually, so you will need to order 2 for a pair.
I need to remove a radiator with one of these valves fitted to it. How do I Isolate the water supply to it. ???????
Screw the top cap off, then use an allen key to close the valve.
Hi Do these fit 15mm pipes as standard?
Yes they do

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