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Danfoss Randall TP5000 Si Programmable Thermostat

Brand: Danfoss Randall
HCO Code: 11A02
Price: £46.30
Ex VAT: £38.58
Stock: In Stock
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Q: I can't seem to be able to override the temp setting , as it is set at 17.5 max at present on all programs, is it a settings fault or does the unit need replacing ?

A: Contact support on 0845 121 7505. They will check the settings with you.
Q: what does the house with a thermometer symbol showing on the screen mean please ?

A: It means the programmed temperature has been over-ridden.
Q: Will this replace my original thermostat which come as a set (thermostat and receiver) and will it connect without any issues?

A: This is wired, not wireless. You need the TP5000Si-RF.
Q: I have a standard dial thermostat will this fit on the same junction box

A: If your existing thermostat is fitted over a single gang recessed metal box, then it will fit over that. It doesn't require a neutral, so this should be isolated (if fitted to your existing thermostat). The TP5000Si will connect to the remaining two wires.
Q: Can this be used without TPI energy saving function?

A: Yes it can (TPI is called Chrono-proportional mode by Danfoss).
Q: Is this programmable thermostat compatible with a heatmiser UH8 wiring centre to control under floor heating zones ?

A: Yes, but it would not be controlled by any setback timer wired to the UH8, Only the inbuilt programme of the TP5000Si.
Q: I have a Vaillant 242vcw combi boiler with built in mechanical switching. The room temperature stat is a standard Honeywell hard wired to boiler. I wish to control with 2 different room temperatures throughout the day. Ie warmer in the morning and evening and less so throughout the day. Would this item be suitable? Thank you

A: Yes, it would be ideal.
Q: will this replace standard room thermostat (2 wire) connected to Ariston Micro genus combi boiler with standard mechanical timer fitted. assume this timer to be removed.

A: Yes it would. It would be much easier to just set the mechanical timer to constant than remove it.
Q: Will this work if I have a conventional (hot water tank) worcester bosch greenstar. I was thinking of keeping the existing potterton ep2 programmer by the boiler just for selecting hot water times. Then keeping the CH as 'always on' and then replacing the basic Honeywell 6360 thermostat with this Danfoss product.

A: Yes, as long as you have at least one motorised valve.
Q: I need to replace a danfoss tp5. Is this the correct replacement or would I need the mains model. The current one has two batteries and looks similar to the tp5000 Si

A: This is the correct one.
Q: Hi., I have a combi boiler Main 24he . Would this be ok to use . Thankyou

A: Yes it is.
Q: Will this replace Danfoss TP75?

A: Yes it will.
Q: Will the be a direct replacement for a Danfoss TP5, same 2 wire installation?

A: Yes it will.
Q: Isn't this TP5000 Si a single channel BATTERY sourced programmer. The TP5000M Si is the Mains hard wired version, I think. If it is, will it do as a replacement for my unreliable Horstman Centaurstat 7

A: Yes it is battery powered, hardwired. Not mains powered, hardwired. Yes it will connect to the same 2 wires as your Horstmann Centaurstat 7
Q: can I use this to run an electric radiant heating system ? I would like a thermostat in each room able to control the radiant heating for that room. Max load per room would be 700w with one room at 1200w. Will these work? Thanks Steve9c67d2

A: These will only switch a maximum of 690w @ 230v. You will need to use a relay, or a thermostat with a higher rating.
Q: hi my 84 year old neighbour has her heating set to come on morning and evening, but in the cold weather would like to sometimes switch on during the day can she do this without altering the original settings. thanks

A: Yes, she can just use the up and down buttons to increase or decrease the temperature. The thermostat will revert back to its programmed temperature at the next time/temperature change.
Q: How can l just turn central heating on and off when I need it and not have to set timer or adjust temp on it?

A: If you press the up and down button together it will go into thermostat mode. You can then turn it up or down without the programming. It is still temperature controlled.
Q: My TP5 has stopped working. Will this work as a replacement - I have a combi boiler

A: Yes it will. It will connect to the same wires as a TP5.
Q: Is there anyway I can just set it to come on when temperature dips to 18 degrees instead of setting times for it to come on?? Thanx

A: Yes, if you press the up and down buttons simultaneously it will go into thermostat mode and not follow the program.
Q: Will this replace a Danfoss tp5000/TP5.2 (not the SI model) please? Thank you

A: As long as it's a hard wired then yes.
Q: 1. Is the temperature adjustment in 1degree or 0.5 degree increments 2. Will this substitute a Drayton Digistat 1

A: 1. It is in 0.5C increments 2. Yes it will. It will connect to the same 2 wires.
Q: Is there a back box for this to stand it off the wall slightly?

A: I'm afraid not.
Q: Is this compatible with vokera compact 28 boiler

A: Yes it is.
Q: Will this replace Randall TP5 room thermostat

A: Yes it will replace the TP5. It will connect to the same 2 wires.

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Replaces TP5E and TP5000.

The Hard Wired TP5000Si combines the functionality of a room thermostat and timeswitch into a single simple to use controller. Offering 5/2-day operation up to six time and temperature changes per day with a different programme for the weekends the TP5000 is an ideal solution for combi boiler systems. In addition to programmed temperatures the thermostat can also be programmed to turn the heating off at user-defined times. Other useful user overrides include temporary temperature overrides thermostat mode and a weekend into weekday override ideal for holiday periods.

The new TP5000Si offers:
* Optional service interval timer
* 5/2 day 24 hour or A/B block programming
* Factory set time and date
* Automatic BST/GMT time changes
* Fixed time Delayed Start or Optimum start options
* All user settings including overrides stored in non-volatile memory independent of battery state
* Thermostat mode and frost protection
* Dimensions 88x110x38mm HxWxD
* 3(1) SPDT Volt-Free contacts



Also available in wireless

Model: 087N791000 (Replaces 087N699500)








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