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Emmeti Zona Smart Thermostat


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The Emmeti Zona is a 230V wired thermostat with wifi functionality for use in all heating system types.  A 35mm recessed box is required (not included)

Controlled via the ZONA™ APP or via the thermostat interface, the ZONA™ smart thermostat allows remote control and monitoring of the heating system.

Featuring GEO-location and optimum start for increased effi ciency of the heating system the ZONA™ range is fully Boiler Plus compliant and smart home enabled integrating simply with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

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which Wi-Fi band does the Zona thermostat use, 2.4GHz or 5GHz?
It uses 2.4Ghz
So just that I understand this just replaces your normal thermostat. With added benefits? There's nothing additional needed unlike the Google Nest?
Yes, as long as you have a recessed box, 3-wires (live, neutral and return) and WiFi.

Does this work with a water heater immersion? radiators are electric and we have no boiler. I am looking to control the immersion via an app. Thanks
No, this is for heating. I would recommend HCO code 11A06 for an immersion heater.
Do you know the dimensions of the zona smart thermostat, especially the height and width of the front user panel and would it mount to a standard single 35mm deep dry lining (for plasterboard wall) pattress box? Thank you
It is 86x86x11mm. It will fit into a 35mm dry lining box.

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