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Giacomini R532Y001 Flowmeters

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Flow meter for return manifold from 1l to 4l/minute

Fits between manifold and pipe.

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I would like to replace one of the Giacomini inline flow meters in my underfloor heating system. Every few days it seems to stick closed for no apparent reason. The thermostat is showing a demand for heat / flow but the flow meter seems to have other ideas! My question is, are these things easy enough to fit? Access looks to be fine but do I need to take any special precautions / action during the process?
The flowmeters are just an indication of the flow. It is unlikely they are blocking the flow. Check the position indicator on the actuator is rising to show it is opening.
Hello, I have a Wirsbro brass manifold system and would like to add flow meters. Is this likely to fit?
No, you need HCO code 12D13
I have underfloor central heating. The manifold is Hep2O. The Flow meter on the return manifold is leaking and I need to replace it. I am not sure about the sizes, but this Giaccomini looks very similar. Is the Giaccomini R532Y001 flowmeter compatible and the replacement that I can use? Any help you can give will be appreciated. If you let me have your e-mail address, I can send you the pictures of my manifold and the flowmeter. Thanks.
The original HEP2O manifold was manufactured by Giacomini so it is likely the same thing. Our email is

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