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Grasslin Feeling D101RF Wireless Programmable Thermostat

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  • Digital weekly room thermostat clock
  • Large easy-to-read display
  • Up to 48 different time & temp “events” per day
  • 4 pre-set & 1 user defined programs available
  • AUTO Override ECO-FIX Cleaning Countdown Party Holiday and OFF
  • Total OFF function / frost protection
  • Automatic summer / winter time change
  • Can be configured for volt free or mains switching
  • Anti Tamper Feature
  • Room Temperature Display resolution - 0.1°C
  • 5(1)A SPDT Contacts
  • Temperature Range 5-32°C
  • 2 x AA Batteries (included) - Approx 2 years life
  • Indoor Range 30m (2 walls + 1 ceiling)
  • Thermostat Dimensions: 87x154x27mm HxWxD
  • Receiver Dimensions: 87x108x37mm HxWxD

    Grasslin Famoso 1000 RF










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Hi does this unit have a back light to the display, if so how do you turn it on.
Hi. No, it does not have a backlight.
Can i use this with the base station for the grasslin 601 RF
Yes you can.
Hi Can this replace my existing Grasslin Towerchrin Qe2 timer. Can just be snapped on, leaving the existing wired base in the wall.
Hi I'm afraid not as it doesn't control hot water.
Hi, does the thermostat unit come with a stand or does it have to be wall mounted ?
It is wall mount only
If ordering this; do I get both receiver and transmitter? Do you ship to Norway?
Yes, you get both parts. Yes, you can order for delivery to Norway.
hi can this be used to replace my timeswitch on my electric heating system
As long as the current to your system is less than 5A (1150w)
I am considering fitting this in an existing property I rent out. I understand we can fix a minimum / maximum temperature range that tenants can't change. Does this offer a boost facility? Is that what is meant by override or is the boost something else? Can the boost last an hour at a time? Many thanks
Yes the boost is called Party Mode on this thermostat. It can last 1-23 hours. The limits can be changed by anyone going into the installer menu, but the manual is really needed for this.
Hi, Can I use this unit as follows: 1.) Leave my existing timer continually ON. 2.) Replace my existing room thermostat with the wireless receiver. 3.) Use the transmitter like a remote control where I would carry it with me to any room I desire. Thanks.
It really depends. The wireless receiver is mains powered but some wired room thermostats are mechanical or battery powered, so a suitable mains connection may not be available at the location of the room thermostat. If you email with the make/model of your existing room thermostat we can look at the connection it requires to determine the likelihood of a mains connection there.

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