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Honeywell Y87RF2024 Thermostat

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One of Europe’s best kept secrets has been the success of the Honeywell single zone room thermostat. Installed in thousands of homes, this simple to use, attractive room thermostat, in its new wireless form, is now available in the UK. Adding the ability to remotely control room temperatures to a standard simple to use room thermostat will make the connected home more affordable for many customers.

Add to this the ability to make the room thermostat operate as a programmable thermostat and it becomes the first choice for hundred of replacement room control situations.

• Wireless digital room thermostat that is perfect for upgrades
• Remotely controllable via the Honeywell App
• For any system, any boiler
• Can become a programmable thermostat when used with the App

Features and benefits

• Wireless operation: Wireless digital room thermostat that provides a simple to use interface. It is battery powered with low battery indicator and pre-bound to the wireless relay box
• Use as part of a S or Y plan system.
• Use with a combi boiler: Use this for room temperature control with a combi boiler or connect to the unit to the internet (using a Connected Pack) and provide full time and temperature scheduling via the app
• Installation is easy: Just wire the wireless relay box into the system and it will communicate with the single zone room thermostat straight away. The wireless relay box can be wired directly to motorised zone valves or actuators.
• Simple to use: Outer ring is the control dial—a simple twist of the dial will adjust the temperature set point up or down. No programming required. On screen battery status and RF signal check
• Remote Access: Mobile compatibility via a smart phone app- Controls your heating anywhere - Adds scheduling functionality - Requires RFG100 Mobile Access Gateway, sold separately
• Use as a Programmable Thermostat: Once connected, you can also use the Total Connect Comfort App to provide a combined time and temperature profile of 6 time periods a day variable by day for each of 7 days
• Perfect for UK homes: The set point range is 5– 35 degrees C in .5 degree increments
• Energy saving TPI control
• Security features: programmed range stop function so that the room will not go above or below set point

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Does this item come with a stand, so it can be placed on a furniture top and not screwed to a wall?
No, it is wall mount only.
I'd like to have an Evohome and this Y87 thermostats for a 2 zones plus hotwater system. (have 3 mot valves already installed. What components do I need exactly? evohome controller, 2 stats, 3 received and hotwater kit? thanks
Receivers are included. So you just need 1 x Controller 2 x Y87RF and 1 x ATF500 Hot Water Kit.
I have 2 heating zones and need 2 thermostats. Can I pair 2 thermostats with one app? Will the system work correctly with 2 adjacent receivers?
The app is limited to one per house. You will need the Honeywell Evohome, Salus iT500 or the Watts Vision system.
Does this controller require a receiver?
It comes complete with the receiver.

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