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Honeywell DT90e Digital Room Thermostat

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Replaces Obsolete DT200 (T6620B1008)

The DT90E digital room thermostat has been designed to provide automatic temperature control of gas or oil fired boiler systems underfloor heating electric heating and zoning systems. Energy efficiency is addressed by state of the art control performance qualifying it as a Load Compensator. The DT90E has an ECO button energy saving feature which gives timed setback or boosts temperatures to reduce energy demand. This is a TPI (Time Proportional Integral) control product as defined in the Building Regulations which make boilers operate more efficiently and provide close accurate control. The ‘OFF’ setting can be used for frost or hypothermia protection assuming the system time control is also switched on. 'Installer Mode' allows control to be matched to the system and user requirements adapting minimum on or off times set point controls etc. Two wire volt free connections are ideal for use with combination boilers or heating zones.

* Features:
* Energy saving TPI control
* ECO button for energy saving mode
* Simple user operation
* 5 to 35°C set point range
* 'OFF' setting with adjustable OFF setpoint
* Direct replacement of the DT200 digital thermostat
* Mains or low voltage switching
* Two wire connection
* 8(3)Amp contacts
* Dimensions: 90x92x27mm

Please Note: When replacing a traditional thermostat with a digital thermostat it is important that any neutral wire is safely isolated and NOT connected the the digital thermostat.




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Can this be used in place of a Drayton Digistat 1 using the 2 wires existing?
Yes it can.
Hi can I use this as a replacement for a Sunvic TLM-2253 thanks..
Hi. As long as it is controlling a gas or oil boiler. The DT90e is not suitable for electrical heating.
Would I be able to replace my Honeywell CM907 with one of these?
Yes you could. However these cannot be programmed.
Will it replace an old Honeywell thermostat with blue, yellow & Red wires
Yes. The neutral is not needed, so isolate it.
Hi. Will the DT90E replace my 230 volt Honeywell analogue T6360 unit? Currently there is a yellow in terminal 1 and a blue in terminal 3 (I assume this is live and switched live respectively and that the wrong colours were used by whoever wired it?). If this is a good replacement which terminal does my yellow go into and which terminal does my blue go into on the DT90E? Likely I will purchase from yourselves :-)
Yes it will. If you have a wire in terminal 2, you will need to isolate it. Wiring as follows: T6360 - DT90e 1 - A 3 - B 4 - C If terminal 4 is empty, leave terminal C empty.
Can the DT90e be used as a replacement for a Lifestyle ETS1 with 4 wires Red Blue Yellow and Earth at the moment
Yes. The neutral and earth wires will not be needed by the new thermostat, so must be isolated.
I have a siemens programmable controller in the airing cupboard and a soen will this talk to it properly if I use it a siemens wall controller in the lounge will this talk to the system properly if I replace the wall controller for this honeywell one?
This is not wireless and will not talk to a Siemens receiver. I would recommend replacing like-for-like to avoid replacing the receiver.
I would like to replace my existing T6360B with a DT90e and note that I will have to disconnect the neutral wire. My fitted T6360B only has a live wire to no.1 terminal and a neutral to no.2 terminal. How will it work if I disconnect the neutral?
It must have an output on terminal 3 of the T6360B. It is battery powered, so doesn't need the neutral.
Can I use this as a replacement for Sunvic TLX 2259? Thanks
Yes, you can. The neutral is not needed so must be safely isolated.
I have a Danfoss RMT24 hard-wired to a 24Vac circuit having 3 wires ... live, neutral and switched live. Can the Honeywell DT90E replace the RMT24?
Yes it can. You will need to isolate the neutral and NOT connect it to the DT90e.
Can the DT 90 be used to replace a satchwell which has 4 wires
Yes, but you will need to isolate the neutral (as it is not needed by the DT90e).
I would like to replace our old "British Gas RS1" central heating thermostat with a digital thermostat. Would the Honeywell DT90e be okay for this? if not can you recommend a replacement please? regards Steve.
Yes it would. The RS1 will have a neutral connected that is not needed by the DT90e. Just isolate this neutral wire.
Does the dt90e have a back light so you can see temp in dark when Turing up or down
No it doesn't
Can the Honeywell DT90E be used as a replacement for the Honeywell DT90a?
Yes it can
Can the DT90e replace the Honeywell T6360B room thermostat to give better control of heating. Which wire will I have to isolate.
Yes, you will need to isolate the neutral with is connected to terminal 2 on the T6360B.
Hi, Does the DT90E work with evoHome system?
No. you need the DT92E
Can the thermostat be locked at one temperature with anti tamper facility.
You can lock it in a sense of setting the minimum and maximum temperatures to the same value, so it cannot be altered from this value.
Will this work with an air-conditioning system for heat and cold air?
It will work for heating or cooling. It cannot control both.
I currently have a Tower thermostat with 3 wires connected to it. Black-Neutral Brown-Live and Heating- Grey. Will I be able to replace it with the Honeywell DT90E?
Provided it is controlling a domestic gas or oil boiler. You will need to isolate the neutral.
Would this stat be used as a replacement for ACL TS 142 and give tighter control? Would I would have to isolate the neutral as there would be no accelerator heater?
Yes it can, and yes you will.
Can I use this on the to replace the Honeywell T6360B thermostat using a Honeywell 9400C programmer ?
Yes you can. You will need to isolate the neutral as it is not needed by the DT90e.
Can this Stat be used as a direct replacement for Honeywell T6360 mechanical stat?
Yes, but you will need to isolate the natural and earth wires.
Can this stat be used as a replacement for an OJ Microline MTU2?
I'm afraid not. You will need one designed for electric underfloor heating.
Can this stat be used as a replacement for a Danfoss RMT 230.
Yes, as long it is used with a normal gas/oil boiler. You will need to isolate the neutral wire, as it is not required by the DT90e.

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