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Honeywell DT92E Wireless Digital Room Thermostat

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The DT92E wireless digital room thermostat has been designed to provide automatic temperature control of gas or oil fired boiler systems underfloor heating electric heating and zoning systems.
Energy efficiency is addressed by state of the art control performance qualifying it as a Load Compensator.
The DT92E has an ECO button energy saving feature which gives timed setback or boosts temperatures to reduce energy demand.
This is a TPI (Time Proportional & Integral) control product as defined in the Building Regulations which make boilers operate more efficiently and provides close accurate control. This is continually improved by a self learning adaptive capability.
The ‘OFF’ setting can be used for frost or hypothermia protection assuming the system time control is also switched on.
'Installer Mode' allows control to be matched to the system and user requirements adapting minimum on or off times set point controls etc. The volt free connections are ideal for use with combination boilers or heating zones.

* Energy saving TPI control
* ECO button for energy saving mode
* 30 metres wireless range
* Two way wireless communications
* Signal strength indicator
* Simple user operation
* 5 to 35°C set point range
* ‘OFF’ setting with adjustable OFF setpoint
* Mains or low voltage switching
* Complete with receiver
* 5(2)A contacts

Model: DT92E1000

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Hi, I have a T6620B thermostat covering 2 of my rooms. The idiot of a plumber moved the Rad to below this thermostat which then switches off quickly once the heat comes on. Would the DT92E slot in as a replacement and be useable instead of the T6620B, so that the heat sensor on the DT92 E is in a remote part of the room away from the rad? tks
Hi.  The T6620B is battery powered, so is unlikely to have the mains power available to power the receiver.

You will need to install the receiver near the programmer or wiring centre instead.

Or you could replace the programmer with one that has an inbuilt receiver.

Will this work with honeywell st9400c?.. Will i need a receiver as well ?
Yes. The receiver is included.
I don't understand the eco feature, the manual is no real help on this. When do I use it and what does it actually do?
It reduces the temperature to 18C (adjustable) for a chosen amount of hours. You can use it when going out for a few hours.
Hi, I have one of these (fitted this year) but would like to upgrade to the CMT927 programmable version. Do I need to by a new receiver and head unit or will the 927 talk to the DT92E receiver?
They have the same receiver. So you can order the CMS927B1049 and it will bind to your DT92E receiver.
Hi There, will this work with a baxi combi 80e please?
Hi. Yes it will.
I have a Danfoss RMT230 that i want to replace - its not in a good location - can i use this to replace it -i.e install the new relay where the old thermostat was and then put the new thermostat in the room of my choosing. Am i right that the new thermostat sends the reading to the relay and that controls the boiler heating replacing the operation of the Danfoss RMT230
You would need to add a mains connection, as the RMT230 only has a switched live, but the receiver needs both a permanent live and a switched live. It would be easier to install the receiver near the junction box or timer.
I want to use this to control a Webasto Model 2010 boiler on a boat where the system operates on 12v dc but the circulator operates on 230v ac. Any problem?
The receiver only has one output. You will need an extra receiver if you need to switch both. The receivers will need 230vac to power them.
Can the temperature be set in 1/2 degree increments?
Yes it can.
There is no thermostat in this apartment. Will this model be suitable to install.
It is suitable for most systems.
I have a Honeywell ST699 24h programmer, can I use this with it?
Yes you can.
I currently have a Danfoss TP 5000 Si that works on a Mitsubishi Air Source Heating System, and would like to know if the Honeywell DT92E will work with that system? Also is the Honeywell DT92E backlit?
The TP5000Si only has two wires, so you will need to add a mains live and neutral to replace it with the receiver. Please note the DT92e is not programmable so you will lose this function. It is not backlit.
Can I add the BDR91A to this package so that the thermostat controls both receivers simultaneously?
Yes you can.
Will it work with an electric Bisque Leaf radiator with an output of 700 watts?
Yes it will.
Hi, Does this work with the new evohome controller?
Yes it does.
Will it work with my vailant Eco tech plus 831
Yes it will.

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