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Honeywell Evohome HR92UK Radiator Controller

Brand: Honeywell
HCO Code: 02A23
Price: £61.02
Ex VAT: £50.85
Stock: In Stock
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Q: Can we replace faulty HR80s with HR92s in a 2 zone system which uses a CM67 controller? Can the HR92s be bound to one of the zones as the HR80s were?.

A: Yes you can.
Q: Is the new HR92 head quieter than the original heads which you could hear whirring away, when trying to get to sleep??

A: They are better than the original HR80, but are still not silent.
Q: Is the HR92 compatible with the older (2013, monochrome) Evotouch control panel as a replacement for a failed HR80?

A: Yes it is.
Q: Hi can the product be fitted over Bianchi TRV?

A: It will fit all current models by Bianchi.
Q: Can we just do a straight swap with this new valve design for the older HR80UK?

A: Yes you can.
Q: Is the wireless proprietary or can it be used as part of an existing enocean network? Thanks Conal

A: It is Honeywell's own, so can only be used with Honeywell controls.
Q: Hi is this TRV running the enocean std and if so will it work with other onocean controllers?

A: No it runs Honeywell's own. It is only compatible with Honeywell components.
Q: Could I ask how often the batteries need to be changed and what the practical distance from hr92uk to a controlling device is please? Looking at a building with 9"brick interior walls. Many thanks Alan

A: They will need to be changed around 2 year mark depending on type of battery used. It's unlikely to penetrate more than one of that type of wall as solid bricks/stone is not easily penetrated by wireless signals.
Q: Hi, will the HR92UK valves fit directly to a Giacomini TRV please?

A: You will need an adaptor. Product code 15A70
Q: Hi, can this be fitted to a Drayton TRV3 valve using an adaptor, if so can you recommend which one? Thanks

A: Yes, you will need adaptor part code 13D04P
Q: Is HR92UK compatible with drayton TRV4 valve? Is an adapter needed?

A: No adaptor is needed, it will fit directly onto the valve.
Q: could you clarify the difference between HR92UK and HR80UK other than price. 2 months ago I purchased an HR80 and checked it would work on my valves which are MNG since purchased by Honeywell. It does work so can I match and mix the types or do I need to keep to the same type.

A: The HR92UK is the newer model, and adds a few extra features. It is compatible with the older systems, so you cam "mix and match" with HR80UK.
Q: will these be comparable with VT100 valves and will I require an adaptor or not ? many thanks

A: They will be compatible with the VT100 radiator valves, and will not need an adaptor
Q: Can you tell me if the Evohome HR92UK controller will fit onto the body of a Myson TRV 2-way valve? Many thanks David

A: Yes it will.
Q: Hi can this be installed on the Stelrad Radical k2 radiators?

A: Yes, but you may need a transmission kit, depending on the dimensions of the unit when it is released. Please see the link below. http://www.heatingcontrolsonline.co.uk/trv-transmission-kit-2m-p-413.html
Q: Will the HR92UK directly replace a Danflos sensor without the need for a valve adapter (or even worse, having to replace the whole TVR) ??

A: It come with an adaptor for the Danfoss RA connection. The RAV or RAVL connection will require the purchase of a adaptor. You can see the different connections here: http://www.heatingcontrolsonline.co.uk/danfoss_table.php
Q: What is the availability date for this thermostat given it's on pre-order status?

A: Unfortunately Honeywell are having problems with them. Delivery is now likely to be April
Q: Will this new radiator controller work with the older evohome system? (I know there is the old rad controller still, but this looks easier to use)

A: Yes it will.

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Replaces obsolete HR80UK.

The Honeywell HR92UK Radiator Controller allows you to control each room individually, allowing for great savings by not heating empty rooms.




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