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Grasslin EcoSave (QE7) Economy 7 Timer

Brand: Grasslin
HCO Code: 25B08
Price: £59.99
Ex VAT: £49.99
Stock: In Stock
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Q: Switched the power on in my new flat today but no hot water. Pressed the boost button for 15 mins but no luck. Do I have to wait until its been through the off peak timer settings first?

A: The boost will not work while in the off peak time. However the off peak immersion should be on in off peak times. Check the on/off switch is set to on.
Q: I have a GRASSLIN very similar to the one shown in the illustration. It is a dual immersion control. I called an electrician after having a plumber replace the element in the cylinder and it didn't seem to heat the water for sink. Everything seems to be ok but I do not have the instruction sheet which was pinned to the hot press door but was removed by some busy body. My question is - Is the instruction sheet (manual) available to download on line or if not, can you direct me as to where I might get it? Need to know how to work the system, Please. Thank you in anticipation of your assistance.

A: The manual is available under the downloads tab.
Q: I would like to replace QE7 bath timer. Can I replace this without changing backplate.

A: Yes you can.
Q: Hi, I have just fitted one of these, everything is fitted correct and immersion and stat have been tested however the time clock on this unit does not turn to keep the correct time? Could a new unit be faulty?

A: Hi. It does sound like it is.
Q: My timer is of the type shown and was original with house built in 1991. The timer click now runs but does not keep the correct time. Can you advise if a replacement will fix this or if there may be another problem related to wiring or other parts of the system. Thanks

A: Yes a replacement should fix the problem.
Q: My boost works but my timer does not move. I have bought a new unit and I still have the same problem. Any ideas?

A: If you have two immersion heaters, then it is likely the bottom one (or its thermostat) has failed.
Q: Which costs less money ,when I boost 30 mins once a day that gives me enough hot water , but would it cost less to use the timer ? But 30 mins on the timer doesn't give hot water .

A: It depends on the size of your tank and the Economy 7 rates you get, but generally it is cheaper to heat overnight if you are on an economy 7 tarrif.
Q: I need to replace a QE7 +. Do you sell the QE 7+? if not i am hoping to replace just the front panel. is the above timer (economy QE7) the same size case as the QE 7+.

A: The QE7+ is obsolete. This will replace it, however a backplate replacement is required as the wires now connect in a more secure fashion. A new backplate is included.
Q: Hi We have recently bought a flat with a Grasslin QE7 and none of the tappets are moved. We get hot water but it is a srperate switch next to the unit which says off peak. Can you send me the instructions for this timer. I am wondering if I have water heater on all the time?

A: Please see the downloads tab to download the instructions. To have it on all of the time, set all the tappets to the on position.
Q: 1-To get hot water do I have to keep the hot water switch on position “on” all the time ? Or will it keep consuming energy for nothing? 2-If the hot water switch is on “off” position and I set the clock to work on “off peak time” will I get hot water the next day or will it not be sufficient? Many thanks

A: When switched to 'ON', it will come on and off according to the timer. When switched to 'OFF', it will stay off ignoring the timer.
Q: This timer is coming with any guarantee for the parts?

A: It has a 1 Year warranty
Q: How do you open the glass on the timer please, many thanks

A: It just pulls off.
Q: Can I use the QE7 timer with my gas boiler ??

A: No, it is designed for use with immersion heaters.
Q: How long is warranty on this product?

A: It is a 1 year warranty.
Q: I have moved into a flat with this unit fitted. The boost button works and heats the water, but the timer dial doesn't turn at all. Is this problem 'fixable' or will I need a new unit? thanks

A: If the clock is not going around, but the boost is working (so power is being received) then it sounds like you need a new unit.
Q: I have a cylinder with two immersion heaters and need a timer that controls both independently. I do NOT have economy 7 electrical supplied and want to know if this unit will be suitable on a standard supply? Thank you.

A: It is suitable for a standard supply. With this control, you will have one immersion (lower) for timed, and one (upper heater) for boost outside of the timed periods.
Q: Hi, Can the boost switch be wired to the main (lower) immersion heating element rather than the top heater? Thank you, Tony

A: Yes, you can.
Q: Could you tell me what size the timer is? I have limited space between water pipes to fit a timer and I need to choose one that can be fitted. Thank you.

A: The dimensions are 86x155x55mm HxWxD
Q: Can you send me instruction on how to use the timer .grasslin Eco save.

A: Please see the downloads tab.
Q: Can the off peak time be set to any time or are they preset?

A: It can be set to any time.
Q: h0w does dual work have two elements

A: One is for boost and does the top half of the tank. It is available outside economy 7 hours only. One is for timed (economy 7 hours) and does the whole tank

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• Water heater timeswitch
• Single / dual or twin immersion heater applications
• 15 To 120 minute boost (adjustable)
• Separate wiring base
• Suitable for combination storage / convector heaters
• Indicator lights display on - peak and boost outputs
• Contact rating - 13A
• Quartz
• 24 hour time control
• Programmable every 15 minutes
• Manual ON/OFF switch
• Running reserve 72 hours
• 230V 50Hz
• Ambient working temperature - 10C to + 35C

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