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Horstmann (Secure) E7BX

Brand: Horstmann
HCO Code: 07D03
Price: £61.57
Ex VAT: £51.31
Stock: In Stock
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Q: Put boost on for 30 minutes but it hasn’t moved round and gone off. Now switched off heater but light still illuminated and boost switch still at 30 min. Please help worried it will overheat

A: The heater has a thermostat that will switch it off when the tank is up to temperature. So it will not overheat. It does sounds like the timer needs replacing.
Q: My boost light is permanently on, until the boost goes off. Is this correct? Thanks

A: For installations with two immersion heaters the neon indicator will be illuminate only when power is being supplied to the Boost element. For installations with a single immersion heater the neon indicator will be illuminated when either the Boost or Off Peak supply is activated.
Q: Hi, My property has night time and day time wiring, but not to the cupboard with the cylinder. Can I put this on a normal circuit and expect it to automatically turn on during the cheaper night time rate ? How can I tell if my property gets the radio signal ? Thank you

A: Hi. The signal is received by the switch where the circuits split, not by the E7BX. If getting the off-peak wiring to the cupboard is impractical, you will need an economy 7 timer and put the off peak times in manually. Your electricity provider should be able to give you hours where off-peak will always be on.
Q: My immersion heater (50gal) is currently on for the entire 7hr duration of night rate electricity. It would seem sensible to reduce this to a shorter overnight period eg to hour. To achieve this the timer would need to be powered 24/7 on the separate day rate circuit and connected to and set to switch on the E7 supply to the heater in the night during the time period when its available. Is that what this timer does....and if not, is there a simple timer that does this please?

A: I'm afraid I am not aware of a timer to do this. The thermostat in the immersion heater will switch it off once the tank is up to temperature, so I don't think you will save very much by reducing the time it is on during the night rate (especially if it is a modern highly insulated cylinder).
Q: Hi there is there a modern replacement for the horstmann e7 bx. Digital preferably

A: I'm afraid not.
Q: Can i replace a pactrol type whb2 water heater 2 hour boost with this model horstmann E7BX I only use the booster when I need it during the day ,thank you

A: Yes you can.
Q: Hi can the output from both off-peak and booster supplies be feed to the same/single immersion element. I am trying to find a controller for an immersion heated cylinder that only has room for one element and I want to use off-peak electricity to heat the water normally but have the option to heat up extra water during the day shoukld it be required.

A: Yes, you can do that..
Q: Hi there Having to replace an e7 bx controller for a new one, is it just a case of unplugging old one and replacing it with new one Cheers John

A: Yes it is.
Q: Hi there I just wondered if this comes with instructions on how to use it

A: Yes it does.

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These simple controls are intended for use where cheap overnight heating of water is controlled by the Electricity Company\'s Radio Teleswitch Radio Telemeter or tariff time switch.

* Simple to install and use
* Boost period adjustable between 0 and 120 minutes
* Neon indicator shows when boost timer is running
* Can be used with one or two immersion heaters
* Compatible with earth-leakage circuit breaker installations





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