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Optimum WiFi Enabled Immersion Heater Timer

Brand: Optimum
HCO Code: 11A06
Price: £42.98
Ex VAT: £35.82
Stock: In Stock
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Q: Hi. I have just moved into a flat with an Optimum Wifi immersion timer, I have no instructions and previous owner has no knowledge of how it works, is there an override, is my only option to replace it :-(

A: Hi. You will need to do a factory reset by doing a long press on the central button. Then you can then add it to the "Smart Life" app using the instructions on the app.
Q: Hi, I would want to use this at a holiday let and have a preprogrammed on / off that I can disable / enable depending on whether the holiday let is being used. Naturally there will be times when guests need more hot water. Do they just press the button on the device to boost? If so how long does it boost for? Or Is is the button and on / off - if so is there a way to set in the app that if it comes on it automatically turns off after an hour?

A: Hi. The button is advance only, so will say on until the next programmed off (or the button is pressed again). The way round it would be to use a smart button controlling a boost (countdown) via IFTTT.
Q: Is it possible to have more than one of these on the home WiFi network? We have 2 hot water tanks with 2 immersion heaters each. All 4 have separate timers on individual fused spurs, and I'd like to get 4 of these as direct replacements.

A: Yes it is.
Q: Hi, which particular ‘smart life’ app is required as there are several etc? Looking at trying these out Regards Alan

A: Hi. The app is now called "Chome". "Tuya Smart" is an alternative app that can be used.
Q: is this compatabile with google home?

A: Yes it is.
Q: I have just had a ThermaQ Unicul Storage Cylinder fitted. Looking at it has a upper and lower immersion heater fitted both with electrical connections. Can the Optimum timer be used with this cylinder? Thanks you.

A: You will not be able to use the upper immersion heater with this timer. It is only for use with a single immersion heater.
Q: Why would you use the immersion heater timer instead of the optimum OP-SBWF01

A: The OP-SBWF01 requires a single gang box to be installed. This doesn't.
Q: I've had to change my password on my wifi and not my immerion heater will not connect. Please help. It does not recognise my wifi even though it is 2.4 and the pasword is entered.

A: Please call 01732 351680 and ask for techincal. They will help you.
Q: Hi, I’ve seen some postings online suggesting I need 20A resistance load for 3kw immersion. This device is 16A. Just checking that 16A is sufficient for 3kW immersion? Thanks.

A: Hi 16A is fine for a 3kW as 3kW is just over 13A.
Q: Cant remember if on/off switch should be green or white when on?

A: On the app, green is on.
Q: Hi. I want to take a supply from the switch timer when 'off' to feed a separate boost timer to avoid having 2 elements 'on' at the same time. Please can you tell me how to achieve this by using terminal 5. Thanks

A: Hi. Connect terminal 5 of the WiFi timer to the "live in" terminal of the boost timer. The outgoing live of the boos timer is then connected to the boost heater. The "neutral in" can be connected to the neutral terminal of the WiFi timer.
Q: Hi, I have a cylinder with 2 immersion heaters. I assume I can't control both, but can I use to control one (lower)? Also, if the answer is yes, could I use a manual switch to engage boost (upper) only? Thanks

A: Hi. The problem is the wiring is not usually suitable for having both on at the same time. Installing a switch or boost timer supplied from the permanent supply for the top would be dangerous as it is possible to have both heaters on the same time. You would need to have the supply for the switch/boost timer coming from the "off" output of the WiFi timer.
Q: Would I be able to install 2 of these devices to control a 2 immersion heater system? One device for an off peak schedule and one for a boost.

A: Unfortunately not as there is nothing to stop them both coming on which is likely to draw too much current for the wiring.
Q: Hi We have Wi-Fi throughout our house, with a Linksys Velop hub. However, we don’t have anything like Nest, Hive, Alexa, etc. Will this programmer link directly to our router ? And, if so, will we then be able to use the app on the smartphone to insert timings, make changes, override settings, etc ?

A: Hi. Yes as long as you have 2.4ghz WiFi enabled. Just control it with the app.
Q: I have a standard manual sink/bath switch controlling a single heater unit which has two elements (one for sink and the other for bath). Can I fit this device before the dual switch - so that device controls when the power is on or off and the existing switch can be set to sink or bath as required? Thanks

A: Yes it can be fitted on the incoming side of the switch to do that.
Q: I have a traditional manual switch with Sink and Bath settings. Can this device switch between sink and bath or do I install it before the traditional switch. Do you have something that you could recommend that will replace the traditional immersion switch that can be operated remotely via an app over a wifi connection. Also will this work to replace a normal timer on a boiler

A: If you have two immersion heaters, then this is not suitable and we don't currently have one that is. If you can let us know the make/model of your boiler timer will will confirm compatibility.
Q: Hi. I have a standard APT analog time clock with Constant Off/Constant On/Timed Off & On settings. Can this unit simply replace this?

A: Yes it can.
Q: I have two separate immersion heater system. One for a boost function. Will this device be able to work with that?

A: Unfortunately not.
Q: If I have 3 programmed on/off periods for weekdays and 3 different programs per day on Sat and Sun, does that count as 9 programs or 21?

A: It counts as 9.
Q: I’m in a flat with a water tank connected to a timer, how does this control my existing timer? Does it just cut power before it reaches the timer? It’s just if power is lost to my existing timer it looses its time and timer settings.

A: It replaces your existing timer.
Q: Can I connect this to my fuse box for controlling the lights or will it only work with a boiler?

A: It is not suitable for discharge or LED lighting, so you would need to use it with a relay.
Q: Is there any way to incorporate the control of these timers into any Apple iOS Apps such as HomePod or Home, either now in in the future. We are already committed to iOS home for lights, security etc.

A: Regrettably voice assistant functionality is not planned to be extended to Apple Home. It can be controlled by its own iOS app.
Q: Can I link this to control apps like ifttt or only through the dedicated app?

A: Yes, it will work with IFTTT using the "Smart Life" app.
Q: Are the selected programme settings chosen by me through the app. stored on the device itself or in a server? In other words are the instructions for preprogrammed schedules activated from a server or from the device itself?

A: They are stored on the device.
Q: Hi, would the wire colours follow my existing one, it's a Danloss, type AT

A: This has terminals to connect your own wires. It will need to be used in conjunction with your existing thermostat.
Q: how quickly can i boost it for 30 minutes? What do I have to do?

A: It is nice and easy. Just open the app. Choose the device (several devices can be bound to the app). Choose countdown. Set 30 mins. Click OK.
Q: Does this replace a fused connection unit?

A: No, fused protection will still be needed, so you would install it next to the fused unit.
Q: I want to control my immersion heater by using this device to replace a dedicated mechanical timer. My heater is rated between 2.78 Kw to 3 Kw depending on voltage. Will this be man enough as I don't want to burn the house down!

A: Yes, it can control up to 3.6Kw.
Q: Is it possible to disable the timer function? I just want to use this as an on/off switch with Alexa, or do i have to set times like on my heating so ON:6PM-OFF:6PM. Im guessing you just dont highlight any days?

A: You don't have to put in any times if you don't want to.
Q: What happens if the Wi-Fi is down. Do the preprogrammed settings still continue to work?

A: Yes they do, but you will not be able to change the program until the WiFi is back up.
Q: Just to check, does the app allow remote control from outside the house via mobile? Thanks

A: Yes it does.
Q: I have two question. Firstly, is it possible to control more than one device with this timer. Secondly, what is the name of the app. Regards

A: It just has one output. The app is called Smart Life.

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For use with single immersion heater upto 3kw.

Remotely programmable via the user’s home WiFi hub and a smartphone app. Via the App it can be programmed for a timed switching sequence on a 24 hour or 7 day basis. It controls a volt-free switch with a resistive rating of 16 amperes.

The WiFi Module can be easily removed from the enclosure and directly mounted inside boilers with suitable timer apertures.

There is a manual override button on the device, or it can be manually overridden via the app, whether the user is in wifi range, or remotely if the smartphone has a data signal.

Additional WiFi switches can be added to the system – a standard WiFi router has capacity for up to 15 devices. Devices can be grouped, and work with either Amazon Alexa or Google Home. Security is military grade A.E.S. encryption, with dynamic key allocation and an https encrypted channel.

  • Surface mounting
  • 24 Hour / 7 Day programming
  • Day group programming
  • Timed On/Off
  • Override On/Off button
  • 20 on/off programmes
  • Minimum setting 1 minute
  • Countdown Function: Countdown ON or OFF
  • 16 Amp resistive, 4 Amp inductive
  • Volt free SPDT contacts
  • WLAN 802.11 b/g/n
  • Security: A.E.S. DYNAMIC KEY
  • Volt free SPDT contacts (remove link)
  • Earth park terminal and cable clamps

Not suitable for discharge or LED lighting without a contactor


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