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Myson Matchmate Lockshield With Drain Off

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The Matchmate valve is a standard domestic radiator valve for use in the household.

• Myson Matchmate 10 bar radiator valves
• Max operating pressure 10 bar
• Pressure tested in accordance with BS 2767
• Nickel finish
• Graphite gland packing
• 15mm angled

Optional Accessories:
10mm Pushfit Elbow For fitting to 10mm Push-Fit pipe.
15mm-10mm Reducer For fitting to 10mm pipe.
15mm-8mm Reducer For fitting to 8mm pipe.

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Hi, what size / type of key is needed for the drain off valve. It looks bigger than the normal radiator bleeding key. Thanks
Hi. A normal radiator key will be suitable.
Regarding the square shaft in the drain portion of the valve, are these sold on their own? are they a standard valve? this is the closest I can find on line that looks like those I have. When draining down a system the valve shot out of the door into the garden and I cant find it. Your help would be appreciated.
I'm afraid they are not available as a spare.
Hello, Is it possible to tell me the outside diameter of the drain portion of this valve? Thanking you in advance. Mike
Hi. It is 13/14mm. It is designed to fit a standard 1/2" garden hose.
Sorry if I sound dumb but can you tell me how the drain-off works? The majority of valves seem to have the drain-off at 45deg with a square valve to open the drain, the straight-through tail pieces have a little screw cap on the drain but I can't work this one out. Really looks like its perfect for the job I have but I would be happier if I understood it first. Thanks, Jamie
The square shaft for opening/closing the drain off is inside the drain off itself. It does mean that a bucket or towel is needed when you open/close it, but the upside is a much neater appearance.

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