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Express delivery for Friday Available Until 4pm Today
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Honeywell ST699B Time Control

Brand: Honeywell
HCO Code: 10D04
Price: £111.64
Ex VAT: £93.03
Stock: In Stock
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Q: Is the st699b the same as the st699 if not what is the difference and will it replace my st699

A: Yes, it is the same programmer.
Q: Hi we currently have a Drayton lifestyle LP522 but at our previous house had a Honeywell St699 which my wife loved because of its simplicity, my question is about the wiring, is the controller wired in the same way, ie could I swap the units for a new Honeywell?

A: Hi. The wiring is a little bit more complicated on the ST699B, as you will have to make links between live and 2 x common terminals. However it is not too difficult to make the swap.
Q: Can the hot water be set to come on separately to the heating

A: No.
Q: How to replace integral Battery Back-Up

A: Switch off the electric and take the programmer off the backplate. The battery will just be slotted in the back. If it is not there, then it is the newer type that cannot be replaced.
Q: Is it possible to buy a new back plate / mounting plate for a Honeywell ST699B time control on its own, without having to buy the whole controller? If so what is the part number, what colours do they come in, how much would one be, and where could I get one?

A: I'm afraid it is not available separately.
Q: How do you remove the front of the control panel from the back plate, (which is also the section that is scewed to the wall), without breaking it?

A: There are tabs at the top and bottom that will need to be pushed in by a flat headed screwdriver.
Q: I have a Thorn EMI central heating controller that is 25 yr old and needs replacing, it is identical in looks and function to the Honeywell ST699B time controller. Can you advise if this is a direct replacement and is the wiring likely to be the same. Thanks Chris

A: Yes it is the same.
Q: I have a pumped CH system with a gravity fed HW system. When I call for heating ie switch the pump on, is the hot water ( boiler ) switched on automatically or do I have to synchronise the switch times?

A: When installed on a gravity system, it comes on automatically. A sticker is included to change "Heating" to Heating and Hot Water" on the timer.
Q: Can I replace the battery on myST699Btimer

A: You could on earlier versions, later versions had the battery built into the programmer.
Q: Our time control keeps cutting out and setting it self back to zero's. Can you tell us why? Thanks.

A: It sounds like it needs to be replaced.
Q: Looking for a similar programmer to st699b but with multiple times on different days

A: The ST799A allows you to have different settings on each day of the week. Please see the link below. http://www.heatingcontrolsonline.co.uk/honeywell-st799a-7day-time-control-p-81.html

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The ST699 is a 24hr electronic central heating time control programmer that can be use on gravity primary or fully pumped systems having separate heating and hot water temperature control.

The ST699B was rebadged by Thorn and sold as a Microtimer.

Model: ST699B1002

Dimensions: 100x100x43mm HxWxD

Replaces (same backplate and wiring for easy swapover):
Honeywell ST699C
Honeywell ST499A

Compatible alternatives with same backplate & wiring:
Honeywell ST799A - 7 day version of ST699B


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