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Replacement Battery For Honeywell ST699

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Replacement Battery for Honeywell ST699B programmers.

Please check your programmers battery is removable before purchasing

Note: this battery is used as a backup during a power failure it does not effect day-to-day operation.

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Time display gone weird, after powercut. Now permanently 'on' and no controls change anything. Is this likely to be a battery problem?
It is unlikely to be a battery problem. If yours was a later model with a reset button, press that. If not, power off for 30 minutes. If not resolved, a new programmer will be needed.
Will the st699 Honeywell still work with OUT the battery working if I have 240v power?
Yes, but it will revert to factory settings on a power cut.
My timer keeps switching off, it restarts when I click the switch off then on but cuts out soon again. Would this be a battery problem or a fault with the unit. We have oil heating and the house is 20 years old and I know the timer is at least 9 years old as we have lived here that long, however the timer could be 20 years old. Thanks in anticipation. Chris
This sounds like a fault with the unit itself.
Is this battery compatible with the ST499A/ST499B controllers?
Yes it is.
I have a Honeywell ST699 that is 28 years old. The battery is removable and looks similar to the one in your picture except it doesn't have any connectors soldered to the positive terminal. Is your replacement compatible?
Yes, you can just snap off the connectors.
I have a Honeywell ST699B with a flat battery but on looking I see mine is a 'coin' type battery and not the battery shown on your website, please could you advise? Kind Regards Noel Wright
The later models with the battery soldered on to the PCB can not have the battery changed.
How to replace batt.
On compatible models, the battery simply fits into the back of the unit. Remember to isolate the electric supply before removing the programmer from it's backplate.

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