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Horstmann (Secure) H17 XL Series 2 Channel.Plus Timeswitch

Brand: Horstmann
HCO Code: 09D03
Price: £51.20
Ex VAT: £42.67
Stock: In Stock
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Q: Hi, May need to change my C17 programmer, will this model be ok? Its to run a Combi boiler, If so would it be a better upgrade than the C17 vs2...Many Thanks.

A: Hi. It is a better one, but you will need to change the backplate. So will be a more complex installation.
Q: I have an old Danfoss 103 analogue controller, can I replace it with the H17 XL ? It would only be contolling the heating (gravity system with indirect water tank, pump is Grundfos Selectric and boiler is an Ideal Mexico).

A: Yes, it will connect to the same 4 wires.
Q: Does the H17 XL Series 2 only deal with the water. And when adjusting Channel Headings do I set it to water, heating or none please.

A: It will only deal with one. The title should match what it is wired up to. I.e. if it is wired for the water then it should be 'water'. If it is wired up to control the heating then it should be labelled 'heating'.
Q: Will the H17 S2 replace my H11XL Channel Plus

A: Yes it will.
Q: i have a Horstmann H517 Series 1 timer & controller, it does not seem to be working in that i cannot set the clock etc or switch it between off/ auto/ on all day etc. will the series 2 controller fit over the connections for a series 1. On the back there are 5 push in spade connectors 3 spades, 3 blanks 2 spades and one blank if that makes sense.

A: Yes, it will plug onto the existing backplate for an easy 5-minute swap.
Q: Sir, I have an H17 XL series 1 which I want to replace; is the back plate for the series 2 the same as the series 1? Kind regards Max

A: Yes it is.

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* Complete with new backplate
* Suitable for combination boilers
* 5 Year manufacturers warranty
* Part L Compliant 3 Amp rated
* 7 day programming
* Large easy to follow LCD displays give clear programme information
* Backlit display (on button press)
* Up to 3 ON/OFF periods in each 24 hour operation
* Different settings for each day of the week
* Programmable Holiday setting can be set in advance of departure for any period of time.
* 1 or 2 hour boost and advance
* Mains powered with battery back up
* 3(1)A SPDT Volt-Free contacts
* Dimensions 101x163x37mm HxWxD


Same backplate and wiring for easy change over:
Horstmann H425 Coronet (switching must not exceed 3 amps) H517 H11 H11XL H17 H17XL
Newlec NL425C (switching must not exceed 3 amps).

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