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Salus iT500 Internet Connected Thermostat

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HCO Code: 24C03
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  • Access and control your central heating and hot water from anywhere in the world.
  • iPhone (iOS) and Android apps available
  • Controls Heating only (combi boilers), heating and hot water (standard boilers), or 2 heating zones (extra IT300 needed)
  • 868Mhz frequency for better reception
  • Thermostat can be desk or wall mounted
  • Easy to install

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Hi, does this kit fit a Worcester Greenstar 18Ri regular boiler. I already have a wired Honeywell programmer in place controlling my water and heating and a wired thermostat. Please let me know if this is an easy direct fit of do I need additional parts.
Hi. Yes it will replace your existing programmer. If you have a room thermostat, it will need to be removed and linked out.
Hi guys I want to fit this into a Worcester bosh greenstar 37cdi. for that I will need the replacement plug in. Can I bu this controller without the transmitter and use the plug in unit? Thanks Rob
Hi. If you have the Salus plug-in receiver then you can with the iT500BM. HCO code 13D13. If you have the Worcester/Drayton receiver then you will need the Salus RXWBC605 receiver as well. HCO code 25D19.
Hi at the price stated what will be included
Hi. You get: 1 x iT500 Thermostat 1 x iT500Rx Receiver 1 x iTG500 Gateway 1 x Power Adaptor 1 x Network Cable
We currently use 2 x iT500 thermostats to control the heating and hot water in the 2 zones of our house. We are having a wet underfloor heating system in a single downstairs room and wondered if a 3rd iT500 would be suitable for this purpose?
You may be able to simply upgrade the 2nd iT500 to two zones by adding an iT300. However this would be dependent on the receiver already being in a suitable place for the underfloor heating control. If not, a 3rd iT500 would be the recommended solution.
Is it possible to send me to france (Valence drome ) the thermostat SALUS IT500 ; how long will it take and the price ? Thanks a lot . P.GENEVEST
Yes, we send to France. There are several delivery options. Please add it to your cart and enter your post code for a quote.
Hi, will this work with GB24 LPG SII please?
Hi. Yes it will.
Does this system work with Alexa ?
Not currently, but it is being worked on.
I have baxi 105e combi boiler IT 500 will be compatible with? Thanks
Yes it will.
Hi can IT500 be paired as a termostate and control heating zones via KL08RF to have better control on each radiator and underfloor heating
I'm afraid not.
hi - I have the iT500 installed, but I have broken the thermostat; the receiver works fine etc.., it is just the thermostat that needs replacing. If I buy the package, can I replace the old thermostat with the new one but use the old (installed receiver)? thanks
Yes you can.
Hi I have a viallant pro combi 28, will this kit work with it.thank you
Yes it will.
Is this compatible with an Ideal Instinct 30kw? Also, can it be operated manually but overridden by android? Why I ask is that I am wanting to install one in a holiday cottage I need the holidaymakers to be able to use the heating etc but then I need facilities to turn it off remotely when they leave.
Yes it is. Yes you can put it into off mode via the app. This would be ideal.
Hi, Apolgies in advance for the following questions...... Is this compatible with a 30kw Ideal Logic Max? If so, what exactly do I need to buy to pass on to my plumber? Also, can it be installed, set up and operated manually? I have no Internet at the moment as I have not yet moved into the property. Thanks Aaron
Hi. Yes it would be fine. You may need other parts depending on if it is the Logic Max Combi, Logic Max Heat or Logic Max System. Also whether you are having two heating zones (usually upstairs and downstairs) or a single (whole house) heating zone. You can email us on
Hi. Is this controller compatible with an old Worcester Danesmoor 15/19. If so what receiver should I order?
Yes, provided you have one or more motorised valves on your system. A suitable receiver is included.
I have a Salus iT500 system and wonder if a second thermostat can be linked to a single transmitter All thermostats seem to be sold as a kit
I'm afraid not. You can add two to the app, but they would run independently and have separate receiver.
Hi, I have a warmflow combi oil boiler, will I be able to use this to control the heating and also provide simple on off times to the boiler for hot water production, I don't need the hot water on demand function of a combi but do need hot water twice a day!
If you can please let us know the model number for your boiler, we will check for you. Please email
Hi, I have a salus Wireless Digital Room Stat Transmitter RT305TX - will the wireless receiver be compatible with the it500 or will I need a replace it with the one that comes with the it500? Thanks
You will need to replace it with the one that comes with the iT500.
hi I`m looking at purchasing this system do I need to purchase a specific receiver for the boiler as the it500bm and the rxvbc605 for valiant boilers I have a valiant ecotec combi with standard time clock and hard wired roomstat
No, a universal receiver for all makes of boiler is included.
Is it500 compatible with Worcester Bosch 24ri boiler?
Yes it is.
Hi were looking to buy a vaillant ecotec plus 835 combi boiler will this be compatible .
Yes it will.
Hi, I have a vokera unica 36he with a rf thermostat William be able to fit it 500 to my boiler.. thank you..
It is compatible with your boiler. You will need to replace the RF thermostat with the iT500.
I have a vokera Linea max he boiler with a room programmable thermostat in the hall we control this from will an I 500 work with this equipment. thanks Alan
The iT500 will replace your existing programmable room thermostat. It will work with your boiler
Hi What is the installation cost?
I'm afraid we do not offer an installation service.
Hi I have combi boiler worcester 28i Rsf and I want connect with termostat salus it 500. Could you tell me can I connect with my boiler? And what I need more??
Yes this will fit. All you need is a short piece of 4 core cable to run between boiler and receiver.
I'm moving to a new house which as a stc 620 wbc receiver will it be comparable with the it 500 Please
Yes, you can bind the ST620WBC receiver to the iT500.
Will the system work with the sender/receiver unit plugged into a WiFi network extender ( e.g. Netgear or TP-Link) rather then direct into the router itself?
Yes, as long as it has a standard Ethernet connection on it.
I have Salus RT500RF controller and I want to upgrade to this It500. Is the boiler wireless signal receiver unit compatible or will I have to replace that also ?
Yes it is compatible.
Sorry, don't know whether my previous email got sent. Is this thermostat compatible with an air source heat pump? Will it control heating and water if compatible?
Yes it is compatible. It will control hot water and 1 heating zone.
We have a nearly 20 yr old boiler , controlled by a fairly new Salus 7 day timer. Salus EP200 Works fine. Is this unit going to be compable! I have no idea what wires go where from the back, just that they connect to the back plate the unit clips on to. I am readonably competent on electrical things.
It will replace your EP200. You will need to change the backplate, but it will connect to the same wires. If you have a thermostat, it will need to be removed.
Hi, I'm currently wiring a new home which will be having the it 500 what's the firing figuration ?
It depends on the type of system you are fitting it to. Please see the installer manual under the downloads tab.
Hi Will this work with a Potterton Promax HE24
Yes it will.
Is this compatible with an Alpha InTec 28x?
Yes it is.
Does this work with a Worcester Greenstar CDI combi please?
Yes it will.
I have dual heating zones and two different timers and thermostats. One timer controls the Heating the other the Hot water. Will the Salus iT500 replace all these? Is there another Thermostat that I need to purchase?
If you have 2 heating zones and 1 hot water zone, then you will need 2 x iT500. Both iT500 will be controlled by the same app.
Hi is this compatable with an Alpha CB24X combi boiler? Thanks Paul
Yes it is.
Is It500 compatible with Ariston Egis Plus 24FF. The boiler has two black wires which are connected by shunt. Has signed SB / TB in the cap. You send to Portugal? Regards Paulo Coelho
Yes it is. Yes, you can order for delivery to Portugal.
Would this connect to a Ariston microgenus 27 mffi
Yes it will.
I work a rotating shift pattern. Can I store programmes for the 3 different shifts ready for loading every 7 days when I change shift? Or do I need to manually alter the programme?
I'm afraid you will need to manually alter the programme
Hi is the it500 compatable with a glowworm 100e thanks
Yes it is.
Will it work with a Grant Euroflame Oil Boiler, built aprox 1997?
Yes it will. You will need a fully pumped system with one or more motorised valves.
can I use this system to control 2 zone heating as well as hot water? If so what additional elements are required?
Yes, you will need two iT500s. Up to 10 iT500s be connected to the app and web dashboard.
Hello, does this work with a conventional boiler system? If it does, does it act as the programmer as well as the thermostat? Thank you
Yes and Yes
Will this programmer/controller work with a Worcester Greenstar 25/32 oil combi boiler?The boiler is two years old?
Yes it will.
I have an old boiler with water tank, believe it is one of the very early glow worm boilers running a water tank for hot water. There is a control (on and off with timer ) near the water tank (bedroom) and the thermostat in the lounge. Will this be suitable for me?
If you have a motorised valve that allows you to have the heating on without the hot water, then it will be suitable.
Is this compatible with the below model? Protherm panther condens 25 kko?
I have no details on that model, as it doesn't appear to be a UK model. But as long as it can be controlled with standard on/off type controls, then it will be fine.
I have a 3 zone system but Salus it500 only lets me use it as a 2 zone. Is it possible to get it to operate as a 3 zone . i have underfloor heating as 1 zone, Downstairs Rads as 2nd zone and upstairs Rads as 3rd zone but Salus only lets me use underfloor as 1 zone and rads as other. which means i cant operate upstairs and downstairs separately.
You will need a second iT500, and add both iT500s to the app.
We are currently installing a biomass boiler with 3 zones for heating only (and hot water on demand). Would it be possible to install two of these systems within the same house to control the three zones (2x iT500 + 1 iT300)?
Yes you can.
Hello, 2 questions: - Do you deliver in Spain? - Can I remotely (internet app) read the actual roomtemperature, regardless of the set timers/temperatures? Regards, Leo Kroonenburg
Yes we can deliver to Spain Yes the current temperature is shown on the app.
If I buy the IT500 and IT300 and install 2No. 2-port valves will the Salus App allow me to control both zones independently from my phone?
Yes it will.
Does it come with all in the picture.
You get: 1 x iT500 Thermostat 1 x iT500Rx Receiver 1 x iTG500 Gateway 1 x Power Adaptor 1 x Network Cable
Could the IT500 handle the high current requirements of an electrical heating system? Is it feasible to wire it up through a contactor / relay switch?
It will not handle it directly, you will need to wire it up via a contactor/rely.
Hi is there a frost protection mode built into the thermostat?
Yes there is.
Hi, im not bothered about the programming side, i just want to put it on n off when i want, or when im on my way home and be able to turn it on to be warm when i get home, so how would i set everything to be completely manual thanks
It can be done by setting all the programmed times to midnight, although its not really designed for that purpose.
Can 2 or more iPhones control the same unit? I.e. Can I control it on my iPhone AND can my partner control it on her iPhone?
Yes it can.
hi i really like the idea of the IT500 and have a Honeywell CM927 wireless stat at the moment which works well. Problem i have is a seperatly wired hot water control in the kitchen which is a Honeywell ST9100C Id like to be able to control both heating and hot water over the internet and wondered would i need to change the hot water timer ?
All the wiring will go back to a central wiring centre, you will need to install the Salus receiver next to this wiring centre, as the receiver does both heating and hot water. The ST9100C will no longer be needed.
Hi, I have a baxi potterton main he 30 boiler. I wish to have a wireless thermostat/programmer/override switch downstairs, and internet control of system via smartphone. What would you suggest? Cheers, Chas.
The iT500 would be ideal for you needs.
Hi, how many devices can u have on one iPhone?
You can add up to 10 STA numbers onto your account under one login email
I want to replace a fixed Honeywell T40 thermostat which has a three wire system. My heating is two zone, hot water + heating. Which wiring plan would I use for the iT500RX and can I use it to directly replace the t40 thermostat Thanks Pete
No, there would be no hot water wiring at your room thermostat. You will need to replace your programmer with the receiver and remove/link-out the room thermostat.
Hi, Going o by a Valliant eco Plus 837. Should I buy the valliant clock (160 Timeswitch) or would getting the IT500 be enough (clock/stat), to complete the system? Also are there any manual controls or is this system all controlled by phone?
There is no need for the Valliant clock. Yes you can control it by the iT500 thermostat itself.
Which batteries are required for the iT500 and how many? Approximately how long will they last in this unit and can it also be powered by a mains power adapter?
The iT500 uses 2 x AA batteries. These will last 1-3 years depending on brand. It cannot be powered by mains. The gateway and receiver are mains powered only.
Currently I have a honeywell CM927 wireless system which has a wall mounted reciever near the boiler and a remote programmer with room thermostat. Do I need to replace the hineywell reciever for iT500 system? Thanks Regards Girish
Yes, you will need to replace the Honeywell receiver with the receiver included with this product.
I currently have a drayton RF2 wireless room thermostat and receiver ( which is next to the boiler ) . Firstly, will this be simple to replace these devices with the internet / wireless option you have, and secondly, which parts ( packages ) would I need to order. ( cost is an issue ) . My drayton has been playing up recently, and while looking to change it, I noticed I may be able to add an option for control over the internet ( your product ) Thanks
Yes, the Salus receiver will connect to the same 4 wires as the Drayton receiver - so it is a fairly simple job. As long as you have a broadband router and a computer, you will not need anything extra.
Do I need to open ports on my router for this to work?
No. The gateway maintains a connection to the Salus server. So no ports need to opened.
Can this be used with an electric underfloor heat mat, presumably this just provides a switching circuit which could be used on any heating system? Thanks David
The iT500 doesn't have the ability to connect a floor sensor that is needed to limit the floor temperature on an electric UFH. So a separate thermostat would be required to perform this action. A relay may also be needed to switch the high current used by electric UFH.
For the iT500 controlled hot water why is there still a need for a standard cylinder thermostat?
The iT500 control of hot water is purely on/off. The cylinder stat is needed to switch off the boiler when the tank is up to temperature during an on period.
my current system is an avanta boiler running with a Drayton dual channel programmer, can I connect the 1t500 through the progammer to control both hot water and heating please ? thanks
You will need to replace your programmer with the iT500.
Could this be used with an old Ideal Classic NF boiler to control both the hot water and heating?
Yes it can.
Hi I have a Worcester 24i, will it work with this model of boiler? Thanks
Yes it will.
Can I control this from my home automation system (homeseer) using a commandline, HTTP Post or a VB API?
I'm afraid not.
What range does the system have between units and through what thickness of materials will it transmit? The site I have in mind would mean the gateway would be on the 1st floor, the iT500 would be on the ground floor and the reciever would be in the basement of a large Victorian house.
It has a 30m range in open air, walls and ceilings will reduce this. The thicker and heavier the walls the more the range will be reduced.
Is this compatible with the below models? Vokera Vision 30c Vokera Unica i36 Vaiilant 831 Also, does this unit replace any other wireless controllers/thermostats?
Yes it will fit any of them. Yes, it will replace your current timer/thermostat.
If the internet connection drops out or the router looses its signal, will the daily programs still function ( ie remote access affected only). Is there an app for a windows smartphone or can it be accessed through the web with this type of phone
Yes the thermostat will still function, You just wont be able to make changes via the internet. There isn't currently a windows phone app, but you should be able to control it using a browser on the phone.
I will be changing my entire heating system to an S Plan Plus ( 2 Heating Zone Valves + Hotwater valve.) Do I still need an honeywell Programmer or any room thermostats. Or will this salus replace the controls.
This can only control up to 2 zones (1 Heating + 1 hot water) or (2 heating). For a iT500 controlled heating zones, you will not need any other controls than the motorised valve. For a iT500 controlled hot water you will need a standard cylinder thermostat.
1. Will it work with a "Heatline C28" Combination Boiler. 2. Ballpark figure for cost of installation.
1. Yes it will 2. It varies enormously depending on the part of the country you are in and what controls you have. An install should be able to give you a telephone quote without a visit.
can i use this for a system boiler connected to an unvented indirect hot water cyclinder. could it used for both hotwater & heating?
Yes you can use it for your system.
Is this compatable with a Worcester Bosch 24CDI?
Yes it is.
Does this replace the existing timer on my combi boiler? Do I have the facility then to leave the hot water and heating off when I am away from home but I can remotely turn these on at anytime?
On a combi boiler the hot water is produced "on demand" so would not be controlled by the iT500. The iT500 receiver would be wired into the thermostat terminals on your combi boiler. If you have an external clock, then it would replace this, if you have an internal timer then you would set it to "constant" to allow the iT500 to control your heating.
will this fit the Worcester combi 42cdi
Yes it will
Can you set the times/temperatures for each day of the week individually? Thanks, Richard
Yes you can.
Is it possible to control 2 zones and if so are any additional parts needed to do so?
You can control 2 heating zones instead of heating and hot water. You will need the iT300 to do this. Please see link.
can this be used with gravity hot water, and central heating system
No, you need a fully pumped system.
Is this controller compatible with vaillant ecotech boiler and is it easy to install?
Yes it is compatiable. It is fairly easy to install a professional installer would have no problems.
Doses it come with a wireless receiver and how many time zones dose it have can I put the heating on and off more than three times a day.
Yes it comes with a receiver. You can have up to 6 time/temperature changes per day (equivalent to 3 on/offs)
Can I install to fully control the Worcester Highflow 440 cdi boiler What items do I need Is there an internet operating cost
Yes you can. You will not need any extra items. There are no on-going costs other than your broadband and mobile phone connections.
can i use this with a danfoss ground source heat pump?
Yes it can.
Can you deliver this product to France
Yes, you can order through the website for delivery to France.

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