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Salus RXRT510 Receiver

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Standard RF boiler receiver compatible with most common boilers and any Thermostat in the Mix and Match Range (except the iT500BM).

Can be used for volt free and 230V applications.


  • Manual override control
  • LED status indication
  • Frequency 868 MHz with 30 metre range
  • 5 Year Warranty

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this model can replace the receiver of the salus thermostat model ST620RF?
No. Both thermostat and receiver will need to be changed.
Hi, Will this reciever work with an EPH wireless thermostat? Our reciever(Combipack 4) has failed and I like that this has a manual overide function bulit-in.
Hi. I'm afraid not. You would need the complete RT510RF+ pack.
Hi, I have a failing Salus RXST625 receiver and corresponding RT305TX thermostat. Am I right in thinking that similar updated replacements are the Salus RXRT510 and RT310RF respectively, which I see that you have in stock? Cheers, Peter
Hi, Yes you are correct. The RT310RF comes complete with a new receiver, so there is no need to order it separately.
The button Auto And Manual...what is for ? It should be on manual to use the wireless ambient .. because on auto the heat is stoping during the night
The auto is controlled by the thermostat. Manual is to get heat when communication is lost with the thermostat.
Dose this model can be paired with rt510rf thermostat ?
Yes it can.
Hi, will this receiver work with an existing RT300RF transmitter unit ?
Hi. Unfortunately not.

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