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Smart Plug-in Programmable Thermostat for Combi Boilers

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An easy upgrade to add an internet controlled wireless programmable thermostat to many combi boilers.

Simply replace the inbuilt timeswitch with the supplied receiver and job done! No wiring to be done!

* Wireless programmable room thermostat
* 7 Day programming
* Schedule, Manual or Off modes
* Holiday Mode
* Room temperature display
* Frost protection
* Temporary override set temperature
* Touch controls
* Battery level detection
* Wall Mount or Table stand
* Scale 5 - 35°C
* Thermostat dimensions 128x95x30mm HxWxD

Fit's the following COMBI boilers:

Alpha Baxi / Main Ferroli (non-HE
models only)
Halstead Potterton / Main Vokera Wickes
CD C (CD25C CD28C CD35C) Platinum Optimax 25 ACE Performa Syntesi Combi 102
CD50 Maxflow Modena ACE High Promax Synergy Combi 82
CD S (CD18S CD24S CD30S) Instant 77FF FINEST Platinum Gold Linea  
HE SY25 80 100FF EDEN CB Puma Hydra Remeha
CB24 (CB24C CB24X) 130HE Optima CLUB Statesman Excell Avanta
CB28 (CB28C CB28X) 105e Domina FINEST Propane Combi Maxin  
CB32 (CB32C CB32X) 80e Falcon Quattro Gold Titanium   Ariston
C (C24 C27) 105 Domicompact       Eurocombi SX20
InTec 26C, 30C, 34C, 24X, 28X, 30GS and 40GS Bahama Hawk        





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Hi does this work with the Baxi combi 105 HE?
Hi.  Yes it does.

Will this work with my ariston clas one Combi boiler. Currently has a mechanical timer.

Thanks in advance

I'm afraid not.  You will need the Salus iT500 with the wall mounted receiver.

Hi will this fit a Main Eco Elite 30 boiler?
Yes it will
Will this fit the potterton promax ultra (LPG) boiler.?
I'm afraid not.
Can you confirm if this thermostat and receiver will fit as a direct replacement on a Potterton Heatmax Combi 24HE
GC no 47-393-27. Currently has an Alpha HRT-106rs installed… cheers.
Yes it will.

what does the package include? Receiver is included?
You get thermostat, receiver and gateway.

Hi will it fit for Vokera Hydra 26?
Is it a wifi thermostat?
Yes it will.
It has a gateway to plug into your router.

Can this be used as a replacement fir the wireless room thermostat on a Duo Tec Combi 28 HE?
The receiver module currently fitted is a "FM/1 Receiver 04.52.0018.2
Is this a straight swap or is the wiring different?
Yes it can.

Hi is it compatible with Alexa
Hi. Not currently, but it is planned for the future.
Hi, I just want to confirm that this will work with the Baxi duotec combi 28 HE? Thanks.
Hi. As long as it has the integral timer fitted.
Hi there, Will this work with a Ferroli Tempra 18 System Boiler? Many thanks.
Hi. I'm afraid not.
Hi Thanks for the response, yes I have the receiver (RX1) which is faulty and was considering replacing both the transmitter room stat and the receiver for the above unit so I had smart phone functionality. The receiver would then wire into the underfloor controller to control the remote zone?
Hi. I would recommend the Optimum 05A05 instead. The new receiver will just replace the existing one.
Hi Can this be used to replace a faulty Danfoss wireless room stat and Danfos receiver that controls an underfloor heating system c.8m away?
Hi. No. This is used for directly plugging into combi boilers. The Danfoss will have an external wall mounted receiver.
Hi, Is this compatible with the Procombi Exclusive 30 boiler,If so is there any further information on its programmable functions / useage?
Hi. Yes it is. If you have any questions on features we will be happy to answer them.
Hi, is this compatible with a Potterton Gold 28HE A boiler?
Hi. Yes it is.
Hi, will this fit a Main combi 30 eco and would I leave the wired room thermostat wired in
Hi. Yes it would. You would need to disconnect the wired thermostat at the boiler and place a link between the thermostat terminals.
Will this work with the Potterton Performa ECO 24 HE
Yes it will.
can this be operated by an i phone when away from house
Yes it can.
Hi will this work with a Pro Combi 85HE? Thanks
Hi. I'm afraid not.
Will this work with an ideal logic plus boiler
Adaptor 02A19 (see related items) is needed as well.
Hi - will this fit a Remeha Avanta Range 28c ECO ?
Hi. Yes it will.
Hi Will this fit an Ariston ECombi One? Thank you Sarah
Hi I'm afraid not.
Will this fit a Main 30HE Combi Boiler? Thanks
Yes it will.

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