Image is for illustration only and should not be relied upon Sunvic (Range) SZM1808 (SZM1802) Actuator with Red Plug

Sunvic (Range) SZM1808 (SZM1802) Actuator with Red Plug

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Replacement actuator for Sunvic or Range SZM1802, SZM1810, SZM1811 or SZM1808 actuators.

​With red plug.

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Hi Is this part Sunvic SZM 1808 with the red plug an original sumvic or a similar part. Thanks
Hi It is an genuine Sunvic part.
I have a SZM1802 but as the wire goes into another box I don’t know if it has a plug on it and don’t want to get the wrong part.
You can remove the plug if needed.
Hi,I have a szm1802 with green plug will this actuator fit and connect to red plug?
Hi. Yes it will.
Hi my existing valve looks like it is riveted to the valve plate but I believe the motor just snaps on, and is not riveted can you confirm please?
Yes, the actuator can either be clipped on or screwed onto the valve body.

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