Image is for illustration only and should not be relied upon Sunvic (Range) SZM1809 (SZM1803) Actuator with Blue Plug

Sunvic (Range) SZM1809 (SZM1803) Actuator with Blue Plug

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Replacement actuator for Sunvic or Range SZM1803 or SZM1809 actuators.

​With blue plug.

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Hot water Valve not working correctly ..... won’t actuate when thermostat timer sends signal. A sharp tap or two and it clicks then starts actuating. I recall this actuator was replaced 3 or 4 yrs ago .. so is the sunvic SZM1809 more reliable or is there another manufacurer’s actuator that’s more reliable ... internet indicates the Sunvic unit is not that reliable
To fit anything else will require a drain down and swap of the valve body.
Does this include the 2 port valve body or do I need to buy that separately?
No the valve body is not included.
Is the the blue plug actuator for central heat and red on for hot water or vies versa.
Blue is normally for hot water and red for heating.
Hi. About to replace SZM1803 as it's faulty. Can the faulty one just be pulled away from the valve and new one placed onto valve stem?
Hi. Yes you can. You will need to switch off the electric first.
HI there, I have an old (14y) SZM1803 wired. What is the current replacement for this please?
This one is the one you need.
What is the difference between the actuators with RED and BLUE PLUG? Can I use SZM 1808 instead of SZM 1801. Kind regards Pospischek
The only difference is the colour of the plug. The SZM1801 is wired, it doesn't have the plug.

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