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Sunvic (Satchwell) SM5203 Actuator

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Sunvic (previously Satchwell) SM5203 2 Port Actuator (5 Wire)
For use with body type EML or ML or Danfoss Randall HPV body
Motor Open - Motor Close type
Replaces SM4203 SM3203.
If you are using a Danfoss Randall HPV valve body please email us with your order number to request free adaptor screws.

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Is this a suitable replacement for a Danfoss HPA2C actuator?
I have a Sunvic SM5203 which runs but does not move the valve it just clicks. It even clicks when removed from the valve and is under no load whatsoever. I can turn the valve stem by hand but only just, it does seem a bit stiff but never having tried a new one I don't know how it compares. I am loathe to replace the actuator if the valve will cause it to burn out in short order but replacing the valve as well is a much bigger job. Do you think a new actuator is all thats needed?
You shouldn't have to much of a problem turning the valve body with your fingers. I would recommend replacing it while it is still warmer weather.
I have a sm3203 which runs but doesn't turn the valve, can I replace the actuator with your SM55203 and will it bolt to the same base plate? Best regards, Tom Stott
Yes it will.
I have a failed 2 port actuator sm5201, can I replace it with sm5203 or do I need to buy another sm5201?
Yes, just isolate the extra orange wire on the SM5203.
Sirs, I have an old SM4201 2 port (4 wire) valve that I wish to use as an ON/OFF valve on my water supply to an external utility area for Frost protection. Can the valve just rotate the 90 degrees on two wires to go on/off continously. ie and not require a separate supply to the other wires to reverse the valve ? Many thanks, Tom Wood.
It is not suitable for clean water - it must be treated with a inhibitor. No you cannot close it by powering the open wire again as a microswitch stops the motor when it is in the open position.
Are these motors known to stall? My hot water valve was humming and got warm, but did not turn the spigot on the valve body. I have two never used spares so fitted one. It moved for a sec or two and also stalled. I have had these along time. I am loathe to fit the second new one and burn it out also. Luckily I still kept a very old motor, with the window on top, which is really noisy, but the hot water now works. The spigot on the valve body is really quite free to turn, so should be no load. Is it possible to buy just the spare synchronous motors? Have you any ideas as to why a new motor would fail like the older one?
You cannot by the motors separately, as they are sealed units. Check for loose connections, as this can cause these problems.
I am also in the failed Satchwell 3203 club. Your replies on this topic are first rate. The common failure mode seems to be a physical disconnect between the motor output drive and the valve proper. It appears that a Nylon part intended to join these two eventually fails under stress/temperature. My question : Is it possible to obtain just this component ? It would be an altogether low-cost solution. PS: yes, I need one !! (or two)
I'm afraid not.
Hi, I have a Satchwell SM3203, it states that the SM5203 it has five wires but the SM3204 only has 3, what do I do with the remaining wires? and do you have the code for the whole valve, actuator and body please? Many Thanks Jo
You just isolate the extra wires. They are not sold as complete valves. You have to order the body and actuator separately.
I want to order a replacement for a Satchwell SM4201 and understand that a Sunvic SM5203 will be suitable. However the SM5203 has 5 wires and the SM4201 4 wires are these compatible?
Yes, you just isolate the extra wire.
Hi, as the previous question, i have a satchwell 3203 actuator with the same problem, the motor runs but will not turn the valve. Can i the replace it with a 5203 without changing the valve.? Many thanks
Yes, however the screw threads are now different so you may need to fix it to the valve with cable ties.
I have a Satchwell 4203 which turns a valve through 90 degrees on/off. It has stopped working (though you can still hear the motor). Will I be able to replace it with the SM5203 you sell quite simply? ie., without changing the valve and just fixing it to the same base plate which surrounds the valve?? Many thanks, Nigel Rush
Yes you can.
can you supply the 22mm valve body?
Yes, please see the link below.

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