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Sunvic (Satchwell) SZ2301 Actuator

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Pegler Sunvic (formerly Satchwell) SZ2301 actuator.

For use with body type EML or ML or Danfoss Randall HPV body.

Replaces SZ1301, SZ2401
Danfoss HPA2
Landis & Gyr SK2
Potterton PMV2
Terrier 04550010

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Hi, I need to replace a Sunvic SZ 2301 F actuator, this doesn't have the 'F' however is it still suitable? Thanks
Hi. Yes it is.
I have a sunvic sz1301 240v T52 ts93 nameplate Can I buy calculator 2301 does it fit as it is on inch pipe . Thanking you Michelle
Yes, it will be a direct swap.
Hi, Is this a replacement for a terrier 40550010 T52 motorized valve? I think Pegler own terrier, but I can’t find anywhere that sells the above valve. With Thanks Ger
Hi. Can you please email us a photo of it to and we will check for you.
I have a faulty SZ2301 actuator. Is this still current or is there a better replacement?
Yes, this is still current.
I have a Sunvic SZ2301 2-port valve. It seems to work, but not quite fully. Fully open is ok but closed is not quite fully closed. After separating the actuator from the wetside valve, the brass spindle (male) can be gently ((finger tip only)) turned from the fully vertical, ((12 o'clock - 6 o'clock)), open position to the fully horizontal, ((9 o'clock - 3 o'clock)), closed position. so that seems to be ok. When I power the separated actuator, I can watch the white nylon female drive from the motor operate through its 90 degrees. Except it is not quite a full 90. It will take the vertical fully open position ok. However, when in the supposed closed position it is not quite horizontal; so it only gets to about 10 o'clock - 4 o'clock. So it never completely closes and there is always a slight bleed. Is this normal please? Malcolm.
The white peg to the side of the female drive should go all the way to the end (were it will meet the metal from the lever).
Hai...., is the actuator a 230 Volt actuator or a 24 Volt.....??
It is 230v.

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