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Sunvic (Satchwell) TLX2259 Room Thermostat

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The Sunvic (previously Satchwell) TLX Room Thermostat is renowned for its high specification and reputation for accuracy and reliability and is suitable for light and medium duty applications up to a maximum loading of 6 amps.

The bimetal strip mechanism incorporates an Accelerator Heater which in effect anticipates changes in air temperature thereby ensuring rapid and accurate temperature control. This not only results in better and more consistent comfort conditions but also improves system efficiency and reduces running costs.

TLX Room Thermostats are supplied with a steel base plate which is suitable for surface mounting or will fit to standard conduit boxes.

* High specification & reliability
* For 240V applications
* Reliable temperature control via built-in Accelerator Heater
* Adjustable range stops
* Temperature range 3-27°C
* SPST 6(2)Amp switch
* Dimensions: 86x86x46mm HxWxD

Direct replacement for:
Satchwell / Sunvic TM16, TM56, TL35, TL39, TLX2250, TLX2203, TLX2228

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i have an old TLX2356 3wire stat will the TLX2259 be a direct replacement Thanks Paul
As long as terminal 2 is empty on your TLX2356, then you can replace it with the TLX2259.
My TLX 2259 is on the way out. Is there a replacement digital thermostat I can replace it with? Many thanks
I would recommend the Siemens RDH100. HCO code 16C19.
Not sure which one I need. No identification to be found on old one. Help?
There should be a sticker on the inside of the front cover with the model number. If not, please email us a photo of the front and inside of the stat to
Is the wiring on the tlx2259 exactly the same as the tlx2203 a straight swap. Thanks Russ.
Yes it is.
Hi, I know I have a Satchwell room thermostat, but I cannot find any reference to what spec it is - no reference number.Any ideas? Been in this house when the central heating was put in. Where do I look to get the reference number from?
It will be on a sticker on the inside of the front cover.
We have an old version Satchwell TLX2259 as far as I know that needs replacing. Is this model listed the same thing? Thanks
Yes it is.
Hi. Trying to replace satchwell thermostats which are 24 amp. Need direct 24 amp replacements. Thermostats switch the heater on so need new thermostats but same 24 amps , thanks. Please advise
Please let us know the model number of the Satchwell thermostats and we will look for a compatible replacement for you.
is this the replacement for the Satchwell 2203 room stat Please advise Best regards Eric Dakin
The TLX2203, Yes
Trying to replace a tlx2259 thermostat,which new thermostat will be a straight swap for easy installation ?
Yes, they haven't changed at all.
I have the Satchwell TLX2202 thermostat that I want to replace, the wires going in are the old school, Red,Black and Earth, I take it the new thermostat is just a straight change over Brown, Blue & Earth (Red, Black & Earth)? Many thanks Geoff Manning.
It will connect to the same wires as your existing thermostat. It is not pre-wired, it just has terminals to wire in your wires.

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