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Sunvic SZM1801 Actuator

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Sunvic SZM1801 Actuator

Also known as Range SZM1801.

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Could you confirm that the SZM1801 actuator will fit onto the existing EML3454 body, and that the SZM1801 is a suitable replacement for the faulty SZ2301?
Yes it is.  It would be a direct swap.

does the actuator come with the cable attached
Yes it does.
Does this fit onto the ZA5 valve as a direct replacement.
I'm afraid not.
Is the Sunvic the same as a Range SZM1801
Yes it is.
My central heating system has a 2 port actuator (SM5203 motor open - motor close). I have looked on websites for a spare and I am not sure from what I have seen that this is the one I currently have. When I brought this many years ago I wrote SMZ1801 on the box it came in. Are these the same? I just want a spare as a backup so there is no immediate urgency. Thanks Richard
No, they are not the same. You will have two valves on the system (heating and hot water). Check the other one is not the different one.
How is the voltage of the orange wire? 24 V or 230 V
The orange will output whatever voltage is placed on the grey wire.
I need to get a valve body for this actuator SZM1801 is this something you have in stock?
Assuming you need 22mm, you need the EML3454.
would this also replace the 1802 actuator?
Yes. I would recommend the Regin plug/socket (under the related tab) as well, as you will need to connect the plug from the 1802 onto the 1801 (bare wires).
Would this do to replace a SZM1803 ? It looks the same.
Yes, the difference is the SZM1803 had a plug attached. So you will need one of these to attach the old plug to the new actuator:
Can you let me know if this actuator has the red plug on it
It has bare wires. The red plug version is quite expensive, and it would be much cheaper to use the Regin 5-way plug/socket in "related items" to connect the old plug to the new actuator.

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