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Drayton (ACL) Digistat+ 3RF 7-day Wireless Programmable Thermostat


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Wireless 7 day programmable thermostat

Replaces obsolete Digistat RF3 and RF3i
Replaces British Gas RC2 and RC5

The perfect combination of flexibility and comfort

Drayton brings you a range of Digistat Plus programmable room thermostats, a breakthrough in programmable thermostats. It’s easy to install, easy to use and offers a supreme level of heating control and comfort. The range comes with a wealth of big pluses for both installers and users.

* Thermostat dimensions: 96.5x137x31.3mm HxWxD
* Receiver dimensions: 88x98x39mm HxWxD
* 2(1)A SPDT Volt-Free Contacts
* Temperature range: 5-32C

7 Day function: Allows different settings for each day of the week

Intelligent delayed start: Ensures that the optimum temperature conditions are achieved at the required times. This is an energy efficiency feature that adjusts the start time of your heating system depending on how cold it is.

Volt Free Connections: Ideal for combi-boilers

Holiday/Party Function: Allows you to set a constant temperature for a specified time (1 hour-199 days). This lets you save energy and related costs when you are away from home, but resumes normal operation the day of your return.

Temporary Override: You can override the current temperature until the next time/temperature change just by pressing the up or down button.

3 easy predefined programmes: Initial settings are factory programmed for quick set-up.

Automatic summer/winter time change: No need to adjust when the clocks go forward or back

2, 4 or 6 time/temperature changes: For maximum flexibility

Freeze protection: Protects from the damage of frost when the Digistat is set to 'off'

Access protection lock: Allows the keypad to be locked to prevent unauthorised adjustments

Part L Compliant (Part J in Scotland): Complies with all the latest energy efficiency regulations

Easy to use: Only four buttons

Temperature limit locks: High and low.

Please click here for important information regarding compatibility with older ACL Drayton RF units

Drayton part numbers:
RF701 (With SCR Receiver)
22092 (No Receiver)

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I have an old ACL Drayton RF3 thermostat coupled wirh a BG WR1 receiver. While both are working correctly on the default programme I cannot achieve the "Set" condition on the thermostat and thus cannot modify the settings.. The RF3 instructions that came with the thermostat appear to imply the pair operate on 418MHz. As all the latest ones qperate on the 433MHz band is there any way of telling which band the current system works on as I need to replace the thermostatr ?
If it is badged as ACL Drayton then it will work on the old 418Mhz and you will need to replace both thermostat and receiver.

My +3RF is showing -10 mins to GMT, can it be adjusted? it has no effect otherwise!
Press < and > together to enter user options
Press > to scroll to option 5
Press +
Press + or - to select the correct year
Press > then + or - to select the month
Press > then + or - to select the day
Press > then + or - to select the time
Press > to confirm
Press < and > together to exit user options
Will this unit replace an old rcplus controller and British gas wr1 with no wiring to be changed or can u recommend one that will please , tia
Yes it will.
Want to program the same times and temperatures every day of the week. There must be a simple way!
Put in in 5/2 day mode. Then you only have to input twice - weekdays and weekends.
My Drayton Digistat RF3 Wireless room thermostat is about 13 years old and has no display. Changed the batteries but still no display. The receiver shows a static red light. Tried recommissioning but still no display. Is the the room thermostat faulty or have I mucked up the receiver by recommissioning? If the room thermostat is faulty what is the replacement as the one I have is obsolete. I do not know what Mz it is
It is likely to be just the thermostat. However, due to the age of it, I would strongly recommend replacing both thermostat and receiver.
Would the room thermostat work with an old DT10RF programmer on a Worcester Greenstar 28i Junior boiler?
As long as it is the later 'Issue 2' DT10RF that worked on 433Mhz.
Will this unit talk to my current SCR? At present it is used with a Digistat+1RF
Yes it will.
We have a Drayton Digistat RF701 +3RF programmer. The receiver just showed the red light so we ordered a replacement and it still shows red light continually. We changed the batteries in the programmer and it shows display does it need changing, if so with what0
Try re-pairing them. If no joy you will need to replace the thermostat part.
Hello, I have a battery Drayton digistat rf3 (433 MHz) which i want to replace (getting dodgy, also want more programme periods than the 4 it has). Can i simply replace it with the digistat+ 3RF without needing an electrician? And are there any compatible smart thermostats available that allow control from a smart phone? Thanks, mike
Hi. Yes you can. To upgrade it to an internet one, some wiring will be needed. If you have wiring experience then you can DIY it. If not then an electrician is needed. I would recommend the Salus iT500.
I have a Worcester green star Boiler 28i. will this programmer/thermostat be compatable?
Yes it will.
Checking the downloaded manual, the main picture shows a temperature with a half degree but all the programming plans show only full degrees. My question is about the sensitivity to temp changes. Will 0.5 or say 0.6 degrees rise or fall be adequate to activate the switching under normal room conditions? Thank you
It has load compensation technology, which means it will work out whether it needs to switch on depending on how much it has been on previously (i.e. will the radiators be warm). This can be confusing to homeowners who watch the thermostat. It will bring on a short burst on a small temperature drop so will appear to go off before it is up to temperature (because it knows the radiators will still be worm for a while after switch off) or come on when it is up to temperature (to keep the radiators slightly warm). This technology provides greater comfort and lower bills (due to no overshoot), but if it is likely to cause confusion and suspicion of the thermostat then it is best to choose a thermostat without it.
I have an old digistat RF2 and SCR, will the new SCR have the same wireing so I can do a direct swop? If I cant will the old one work with the 3RF? Thank you
Yes, it will plug onto the existing backplate for an easy swap with no wiring changes.
Will the receiver fit directly into a Bosch Greenstar 27 cdi currently fitted with a MT10RF. John B
No, the receiver is for wall mounting. The LP20RF is the one you need.
Is the fitting a diy type job, or do I need a plumber or electrician? Does it come with fitting instructions?
It really depends on how you are fitting it (replacement or new install, combi or standard boiler). Either a heating engineer or an electrician with knowledge of heating systems would have no problem fitting it.
We currently have a Drayton Digistat SCR paired with a Drayton Thermostat RF701/22092 which is set on Preset Program 2. However it is now not switching off at the set times. Do I need to replace the thermostat or can I re-set it ??
Replace the batteries and re-commision the thermostat and receiver. If it still doesn't switch off the receiver you will probably need to replace it.
My daughter has a British gas RC2 wireless programmable thermostat, do I need to change both or just the programmable thermostat.
You can change just the thermostat.
Hello. We have a had a Drayton DT10RF wireless digistat. The receiver in the picture is identical to the one located in my boiler cupboard. Would I be able to simply buy the base unit or would I require a new receiver unit also? We believe the fault to be with out Digistat as it had a pair of batteries leak inside of it.
Yes, you can order it without the receiver and bind it to your existing DT10RF.
I need to replace a drayton thermostat 22092 (battery type)5-2 day/7 day. Is this still current? Thank you.
Yes it is.
hi i have ideal logic heat only boiler can i use this model to control heating and hot water ?
This does not control hot water. Only heating.
Hello, I want to replace a fixed dial type thermostat with a wireless system. The current stat is a sunvix TLX9201. There is a mains connection that looks like is just connects to common to activate the boiler. Would this be a suitable replacement without additional wiring?
Yes, you would need to set the timer to constant to allow the Digistat to take control.
I have a 5 year old Worcester Boch combit boiler that is controlled by the old Scottish Gas RC5 Thermostat and Receiver. The Thermostat no longer works and even after replacing batteries the LCD Display still flashes on and off. If I buy the new Thermostat will it work with the old Scottish Gas Receiver? Also, is it just the case of mounting it on the available space on the wall? Thanks
Yes it will. You have to teach them to talk to each other (just a few button presses) before you fix it to the wall.
Hi We have a Drayton SCR/Digistat RF3 which is broken - can I just put this new one on the existing SCR back plate and reprogram with the new wireless unit without having to re-wire anything ? Thanks
Yes you can
Hello, Can I replace a BG T4RF thermostat with the Digistat+ 3RF and keep my existing WR1 receiver?
Yes you can.
I have a British Gas combi boiler 531i - controlled by a British Gas RC Plus room thermostat and a BG WR1 Wireless receiver (on 433Mh) - will this be the correct replacement?
Yes it is.
Hi. I have a Digistat 3 that has a loud click when it cuts in and out. The unit is mounted right next to my bedroom, so wakes me up with the amount of in's and out's in short periods with this model. If I swapped for an RF model, does the click come from the transmitter or receiver? Was thinking if it was the transmitter, I could put it somewhere away from the bedroom so it can't be heard. Thanks
It is the receiver, so you will have to run a cable to a new location, but this can be by the boiler or in the airing cupboard as the temperature sensing and programming is done on the transmitter.
If I replace an old Drayton RF1 transmitter with the +3RF, does this mean that I would have to set the combi boiler clock (it has pins for on/off settings) to be on permanent over-ride, with the controller doing all the on/off stuff? The RF1 merely has a flame showing whether it's above or below 'set' temperature i.e. no clock. Also, can the intelligent delayed start be set by the user? There doesn't seem to be anything in the instructions.
Yes, you will need to set the clock to constant to allow the 3RF to take control. It can only be set on/off by the installer. There are no user options for it.
Hi Would this thermostat be suitable with a rayburn aga central heating system?
Yes it will.
Hello. I have a Worcester "Digistat programmable 24 hour room thermostat system" It is a wireless RF system. the sensor/controller/transmitter looks identical to the Drayton Digistat+ 3RF 7-day unit. the boiler is a Worcester CD28i with the a built in receiver that came with the Worcester "digistat.....system" Do you know if the Drayton Digistat transmitter/sensor and the Worcester "Digistat..." receiver are compatible? The Drayton unit has programming features that are more advanced than the now 8 years old Worcester unit. Thanks
Yes they are.
I have a digistat +3rf thermostat and receiver, but the lcd display has gone on the thermostat. Can I simply replace the thermostat and it will 'talk' to the current receiver, or do I need a new receiver too? Thanks.
Yes you can. You will need to make it talk to the new receiver, but this is a simple operation and instructions are included.
I have a Drayton digistat +3 rf thermostat and receiver already. The lcd display has gone on the wireless thermostat. Can I simply replace the thermostat and will it automatically 'talk' to the receiver that is already in place? Thanks
You will need to bind the new thermostat into your receiver. This is just a few button presses and instructions are included.
Hi. Is the ACL Drayton Digistat+3RF 7- day Wireless Prog Thermostat compatible by just replacing my old RF reciever & Thermostat? I have a Valliant EcoTec 24 combi boiler. Many thanks. Dennis.
Yes, as long as your existing RF thermostat has an external receiver (not built into the boiler), the new receiver will connect to the same 4 wires.
We have a Salus RT500 RF unit and the receiver is faulty. The receiver outputs at 24 volts. I am looking to replace them both. Would these be suitable?
If it is controlling a combi boiler, then yes it will.
Will the receiver fit directly into an existing thermostat's pattress? Will it drive a conventional (as opposed to combi) boiler?
The receiver will fit onto a single recessed socket box pattress. You will need live, neutral and return live connections. It will be fine with a conventional boiler
Will the transmitter work with the 433 MHz Worcester digistat receiver? The Worcester transmitter originally paired with the receiver has broken.
Yes it will.
is this an easy swap replacing the existing room t/stat Drayton digisat+2RF with a new +3RF. Do you need to recode the receiver?
It is a very easy swap, you can use the existing receiver.
Hi I currently have a British Gas RC2 and WR1 system. The room control has broken but the WR1 still works - do I have to replace both with this product or can I just replace the Room Control with ACL Drayton Digistat + 3RF 7 day timer thermostat?
You can replace the transmitter, but due to the age of the RC2 I would recommend buying a pack so you have a spare receiver. They are a lot more expensive to buy as two spares.
Hi I need to replace a British Gas RC2 and Wr1 wireless thermostat and receiver is this product suitable?
Yes it is.
I want to replace a British Gas RC5 and have been told by Drayton that the +3RF Transmitter 22902 is a suitable replacement. Can you confirm that the +3RF Thermostat 22902 is wireless and only requires batteries and no wiring. Thanks for your help
Yes it is.
They look identical but would this be the replacement for a British Gas RC+ transmitter? Thanks.
Yes it would
The description specifies that it is ideal for combi boiler. Does this means that the connection of the receiver is made via two wires (for on - off) connected directly into the boiler and 3 wire-connection to the mains ? Thanks Regards.
That's correct.

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