Timeswitches are single channel and are typically used on combi boilers, where only heating needs to be timed.


Drayton (ACL) Lifestyle LP111 24-Hour Timeswitch


Drayton (ACL) Lifestyle LP711 Timeswitch


Honeywell ST9100C 7day Timeswitch


Horstmann (Secure) Coronet Time Clock


Lockable Programmer / Timeswitch Guard


Secure (Horstmann) CentaurPlus C17 (Series 2) 7-day Timeswitch


Secure (Horstmann) H17 XL Series 2 Channel.Plus Timeswitch


Siemens (Landis and Staefa) RWB27Si Timeswitch


Danfoss TS710 Timeswitch v2


EPH R17-RF Timeswitch

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