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Express delivery for Friday Available Until 4pm Today
UK Mainland Only,
3pm cut-off for Highlands and Islands
12 noon for Europe

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Danfoss Randall TP7001 7-Day Programmable Thermostat

Brand: Danfoss Randall
HCO Code: 08C01P
Price: £56.58
Ex VAT: £47.15
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Q: What is the max pre heat time on optimum start

A: It is 120 minutes.
Q: I have a programmable 2 wire installation thermostat will this replace or could you recommend a replacement

A: Yes it will.
Q: Hi, I have a Danfoss TP 7001M in an apartment. Heating and hot water is supplied by a Heat Interface Unit. I would like to be able to turn the heating on and off via WiFi (ie remotely). I do not need to control individual rads. Hot water is basically supplied via the HIU instantaneously from a common supply. Can you recommend a system that would replace the Danfoss thermostat please ? Hive etc ??

A: I would recommend the Siemens RDS110. It will connect to the existing TP7001 wiring. https://www.heatingcontrolsonline.co.uk/siemens-rds110-smart-thermostat.html
Q: 1. I have individual room TP4000 Danfoss wired thermostats. Each has two AA batteries. Can I swap them for Danfoss TP7001 battery thermostats? 2. Does Danfoss provide Z-wave room thermostats that would provide the same functionality? Which control unit would be recommended?

A: 1. Yes they will connect to the same 2 wires. 2. I'm afraid not.
Q: I have Basic Danfoss Thermostats for underfloor and bedroom radiators. It looks like an RMT model. I really want timers for each zone in the house. Would changing to TP7001 be straightforward?

A: Yes. You will need to isolate the neutral wire, and connect the remaining two wires to the TP7001.
Q: Is the TP7001 compatible with the RX1 receiver? If so, is it easy to pair the new thermostat with the old RX1?

A: I'm afraid not. It is a wired thermostat.
Q: I have a tp5000 si at the moment -am I right to say I could replace this to tp7001 to take advantage of the backlight without adding any extra wiring.

A: Yes, it will connect to the same 2 wires.
Q: I have a robus thermostat (just a basic dial on the wall) and wanted to be able to just leave the heating on constant on the main control and use this to control everything. However I opened up the robus and there seem to be about 5 wires coming in rather than the two other people have mentioned... does this mean I need a different type of thermostat? If yes, what type would you recommend? Thanks in advance and sorry if this is a daft question!

A: No, you will just need to isolate the neutral and earth wires.
Q: Hi -will this work to replace a 2 wire 240 v thermostat, if I leave the main programme set to "on" all the time for the boiler?

A: Yes it will. Yes, you will need to set the programmer to be "on" all the time to allow the TP7001 to take control.
Q: I have a Honeywell CM907 fitted just over 2 years ago. Lately the display has been breaking up and research seems to indicate this is a familiar problem with this thermostat. The Danfoss TP7001 appears to be some peoples preferred alternative. Can I simply swap one for the other? BTW, the Download for the TP7001 manual on this page doesn't seem to be working.

A: Yes, it will connect to the same two wires.
Q: Will this work on my new heatline capriz plus 28. Regards Gary.

A: Yes it will.
Q: I have an SuPrima Potterton boiler (ground floor) connected to a BoilerMate 2000 (first floor). In the hallway (ground floor) I have a very simple Potterton controls to set the temperature in the whole house. Can this replace the Potterton control so I can program the temperature setting to vary during the day? If so, should it be the mains TP7001M version?

A: Yes it can. There is no need to install the mains powered one unless required.
Q: Hi, does this simply just replace an old room stat with 2 wires? Live & switch line? Can you run it in line with a potterton controller?

A: Yes it will connect to the same 2 wires. You will need to switch the heating side to constant to allow the TP7001 to take control.
Q: will this work to replace a hard wired three wire old temp dial thermostat.

A: Only if you have a fully pumped system. You will need to isolate the neutral wire.

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New.  Replaces obsolete TP75, TP7000 (087N740000) and TP7000A (087N740100)

The TP7001 series combines the functions of a time clock and room thermostat into a stylish easy to use controller with a large backlit display which allows the user to programme different temperatures at different times of the day to match lifestyle demands. The TP7001 offers true 7-day programming allowing each day to beset differently if so required. In addition, the unit can be set to 5/2-day mode allowing one set of programmes to be used for weekdays with adifferent set being available for the weekends.

TP7001 series offers up to six temperature changes each day and includes the option of programming an “Off ”.

TP7001 series offers several advanced features which can be selected by the installer at the time of installation.  These include:

  • Optimum start control : This feature uses internal temperature to calculate the time in advance of the programmed time that the system must switch on in order to ensure that programmed temperature is achieved by the programmed time.
  • Chrono-proportional control: This feature defines the boiler cycle rate and the on/off times of the boiler within the cycle. This adds to comfort and improves boiler efficiency particularly with condensing type boilers.
  • Delayed Start: This feature enables you to hold off the heating for some time during mild days where the room temperature at the start of the event is close to the programmed temperature.


  • Enable or Disable the Keyboard using a switch on the back
  • 7-day or 5/2 day programming options
  • Up to 6 time and temperature events per day
  • Hard wired version
  • Holiday programming mode and thermostat mode
  • Many user overrides including programme extension
  • Temperature extend function 1 2 or 3 hours.

  • Holiday programming up to 99 days

  • Optional chrono-proportional for improved comfort and energy saving

  • Optional optimum start control

  • Selectable AM/PM clock and Fahrenheit or Centigrade scaling

  • Dimensions: 140x91x28mm WxHxD.

  • 3(1)A SPDT Volt-Free contacts

    Model: 087N800200


Dennis | 3 reviews

Excellent Product superseding the tp7000. Several features like turning on/off the chrono proportional mode can be done via buttons using the display rather than set DIP switches before the unit is attached to the wall. The only thing I did not like was cosmetic. Although the front on the unit is cream when viewed from the side the rest of the casing in very dark grey which makes the unit look a bit industrial rather than for a domestic situation. I gave my unit two coats of cream matt enamel paint before fixing to the wall and now the whole unit looks as one and blends better with our wall.
Neil B | 3 reviews

Delivered 2 hours early by Fed Ex. Excellent service from Heating Controls Online who should be proud. Old 2-wire Siemens stat was easily replaced in under 5 minutes and the only tool required was a small flat head screwdriver. Running on the default temp program for now but unit can be simply removed off the wall, reprogrammed and refitted with consummate ease. Have used Danfoss products before this is the best so far. Cannot recommend enough.
Martin H. | 3 reviews

This replaced a simple mechanical thermostat. It is easy to fit as it is a two wire Thermostat. Programming takes longer but was completed in about 10-15 minutes. Control is excellent now with the house at the temperature I need at all times of the day. I can now reduce the temperatures at certain times as I feel the house is too warm. This will easily save enough to pay for itself this winter. I can highly reccommend this. The house is more comfortable now and prevents overshoot of the temperature.

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