Image is for illustration only and should not be relied upon Delta Dore Tybox 23 (D10RF) Wireless Thermostat

Delta Dore Tybox 23 (D10RF) Wireless Thermostat

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  • Easy to use thanks to the selection buttons:
    - Precise temperature setting
    - Choice of operating modes: Comfort, Reduced, Frost Protection, Off
  • Display of the room temperature or temperature setting
  • Calibration of the temperature sensor




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We have anew build the unit is 3 years old. The screen has gone blank, tried changing the batteries. Can we buy just the thermostat? The receiver is still lighting up
We can order it in for you, but it would take around 4 weeks to obtain, If you wish to order, please let us know.
Display screen blank... how do I change batteries... where can I find instructions please.
You will need to remove the front cover using the slot underneath. The manual is available under the downloads tab.
It seems you can set a different temperature for day, night and frost. How do I set the time for day and night settings? Or do I just switch the mode to show that on display, and that's the mode it is using?
You cannot programme it, you have to switch between the modes manually.
Will the tybox 23 link in to my existing Tydom 1.0 Thankyouv
I'm afraid not.
I've recently moved into a house that has a lost remote thermostat. The receiver says delta dore Rf 640, is this product compatible with that already fitted receiver. Thank you.
Yes it is.
Is this compatable with a Remeha Avanta Plus? Presumably it wires in just as the current one?
Yes it is. It will connect to the same 4 wires as most other manufacturers wireless receivers.
we have two thermostats one upstairs and one down upstairs is blank - as if not on. The radiators are not getting hot are still cold. Why is this? Some one said need batteries but how do I change them?
The batteries are a good place to start. See the downloads tab for the instructions.
We have lot our existing Tybox 23 thermostat. If we buy another one, will it be able to connect to the existing installed receiver? The receiver appears to have been installed inside the boiler panel, would we be able to hook a new thermostat up without having to access the receiver?
You will need to access the receiver to bind the thermostat and receiver together.
We have our thermostat set to 19 degrees and the room is boiling. When you press the minus button to turn it down, it shows the temperature of the room is 25 degrees and yet the heating is still on. What has gone wrong?
If the display is showing the heating as on, then the program is with the thermostat. A reset or replacement may be required. If the display is showing as the heating off, then the problem is likely to be elsewhere on the system.
Where can i find instructions on how to use this with a timer on my boiler? None of the manuals seem to explain this and i had one of these installed yesterday and cannot use my timer on Vaillant boiler...have to have heating either ON of OFF? Thanks
You use your existing timer to switch on and off. You set the TYBOX 23 to the temperature you want the house to be when the heating is on.

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