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Saturday Delivery Available Until 4pm Today
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Honeywell CMT927 (CM927) Wireless Programmable Room Thermostat

Brand: Honeywell
HCO Code: 05C01
Price: £119.99
Ex VAT: £99.99
Stock: In Stock
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Q: Hi, I currently have an old Drayton RF2 wireless system. Will the CMT927 work using the existing transmitter.

A: No, you would have to replace both parts.
Q: Can anyone explain what is the difference between the CM927 and the CMT927 ???

A: They are they same product.
Q: I had a cm67 ng (purchased by me 8 yrs ago but never used) recently installed in a rarely used annexe. The original batteries have leaked(!) rendering the stat defunct. I don't really want to buy a new cm927 (because of the display issues) to pair with my hc60ng receiver - do I have an alternative without changing my receiver? What would you recommend?

A: I'm afraid not, any other manufacturers unit will require changing the receiver,.
Q: I have a new Honeywell wireless thermostat. It has a fault - it only takes 30 seconds to add a minute to the time, so it goes from 9am to 10 am in 30 minutes! Is there a way to fix this?

A: No, a replacement will be needed.
Q: Is this compatible with a Biasi Garda M96 combi boiler?

A: Yes it is.

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CMT927: 7 Day Wireless programmable thermostat (Allowing temperature programmes to vary for each day of the week)

Replaces obsolete CM67-RF-NG (CM67NG) model Y6667D1086

* Also known as CM927
* Complete with receiver
* Pre-bound so no initial binding is required on site.
* Can be used for heating or cooling.
* Up to 6 programmed temperature changes per day
* Extra large display
* Backlit
* Automatic Summer/Winter time change

* Holiday function
Allows you to set a constant temperature (default = 10C) for a specified number of days (from 1-99 days). This lets you save energy and related costs when you are away from home but resumes normal operation the day of your return.

* Party function
Allows you to extend your heating program by a specified number of hours at a particular temperature before resuming with the normal temperature program. This function can also be used to reduce the temperature when you leave the house for a short period

* Day off function
Allows you to temporarily run Sundays heating program for as many days as you desire

* Built in Optimum Start feature (can be disabled)
Ensures that the optimum temperature conditions are achieved at the required times. This is an energy efficiency feature that adjusts the start time of your heating system depending on how cold it is.

Model: CMT927A1049











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