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Horstmann (Secure) E246 Boost Timer

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The electrisaver is a simple push button electronic timer that saves energy by remembering to switch off when you forget.

* 2/4/6 Hour Boost Timer
* Suitable for loads of upto 3kw
* Controls Immersion Heaters Panel Heaters and Towel Rails
* Perfect extension timer for Central Heating systems
* Preset time periods 2/4/6 Hours
* Cancel facility switches off at any time
* Unit can be flush or surface mounted with a single gang moulded box.
* Maximum operating temperature 35C

Horstmann E15 Boost Timer - 15/30/60 Minute time periods
Horstmann E30 Boost Timer - 30/60/120 Minute time periods


Flush Mounting Box
Surface Mounting Box




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Hallo, can you tell me please dimension of the booster. I need 85x85mm Also is there a fuse? Where is this supposed to be ? In Brhroom or out of bathroom? My original rail heating switch is outside bathroom. Thanks
Hi It is 87x87mm. A fused spur should be separately installed It is only IP30 rated, so best installed outside of the bathroom.

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