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Secure (Horstmann) Electronic Economy 7 Timer

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Horstmann are now known as Secure Controls

Horstmann's Electronic 7 immersion heater control is instantly compatible with tarrifs that keep to Greenwich Mean Time and those that vary with British Summer Time.

* Fully interchangeable with earlier versions using plug-in connectors.
* Suitable for use with single dual or twin element immersion heaters
* Precise and flexible programming
* Pre-Programmable automatic boost and one hour manual boost
* Automatic Summer/Winder time adjustments
* Two-year battery reserve
* Direct replacement using existing wall-box for Economy 7 Quartz Electronic 7L & Maxistore
* Direct replacement using existing wall-box for Newlec NLQE7 NLE7
* Easy installation using standard size Economy 7 wall-box with plug-in wiring
* Most suitable replacement for Pactrol Micro 7+ and Sangamo E7.
* Most suitable replacement for Randall ET009.

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I have a Hortsmann Economy 7 Quartz Maxistore which requires replacement. It feeds two emersion heaters in tank, only one of which is used to boost

Is this model a direct replacement or should i proceed with another Hortsman model

many thanks
Yes, it will be a direct replacement.  It will plug into the existing backbox for a simple swap.
I have one of these in a flat I rent, I've looked at the manual online but so far have been unable to program it for when i want the water to heat, I follow the instructions, pressing the green button until I get to clock, off peak or boost timer, but when I press the plus and minus buttons to change the time nothing happens. is this a fault with the unit?
Please call support on 01962 826213
Hi, can i use a Horstmann centaurplus C27 as a replacement for Horstmann electronic 7, thanks. Or if not is there one that you recomend.
Hi. No you will need to replace like-for-like. So this is the one you need.
Could i fit one of these to EACH of my immersion elements for redundancy? Is this overkilll.
It would lead to the possibility of both being on at once which is likely to be too higher amperage for the incoming connection.
I have a horstmann electronic 7L fitted and want to replace this with a more up to date model it's for heating water only on a single element tank What do you recommend? Regards Jeff Slater
This will be suitable.
I have the old mechanical Horstmann Quartz Economy 7 timer. Is this a direct replacement for it keeping and reusing the existing wall box?
Yes it is.
Hi, I need to replace my Danfoss Randall ET009 and this item says it is an ideal replacement. Is it a straightforward swap?
Hi. Yes it is.
HI, just doesnt seem to want to do anything. Everything seems ok but on the device but zero functionality in terms of hot water. Timed boost has never worked in 5 months, had issues with boost button too. Boost button just seems to do nothing, appreciate any help -thank you.
Hi. If you have a multimeter, and can safely do so, check to see if the immersion heater is receiving power. This will tell you if it is the immersion heater or timer.
Dear Sir/Madam do you have the instructions for my Electronic Economy 7 timer as I have lost ours Thank you in anticipation.
You can download them from the downloads tab.
I have the this electronic 7 which was a recent replacement for an older one. It is fitted to a single element immersion. When I programme it for the off peak timer, the switch comes on but the light on the timer indicator is red and nothing else happens. When I programme it for the times boost programme, it does turn the immersion on at the set time and heats the water but the instructions say this setting should not be used with single elements? Help needed please. Thanks
It sounds like terminals 4 and 5 were not linked when it was installed.
Will this replace a Horstmann BX 2000 to control dual element water heating on economy 10?
I'm afraid not.
I have just moved into a property i have a horstmann electronic 7 maxistore, when i have it in timer mode it just wants to work flat out until its timer on switch is turned of again, altough the timer is set correctly, its almost if it has it has been rewired to only work manually in either manual or timed is this possible? or is it just knackered
It does sound like the relay has fused shut, so replacement is needed.
I have just moved into a house with horstmann electronic economy 7 timer I have no instructions on how to set is there a video that can help or instructions available can you advise thank you
You can download the instructions from the download tab.
I have the unit fitted, it has a DP Switch Above with feed to an Element, the Timer has feed to a lower Element. Notes above suggest the unit can support two elements but each of mine are rated 3kW-could both still run from the one unit allowing timer to use cheaper off peak rates, thermal capacity should suffice with odd manual boost?
You will need to have the bottom element wired to the timed output and the upper element to the boost output. This gives you a full tank on cheap rates with a half tank boost outside these hours if needed.
Hello , I have Horstmann electronic 7 . I would like to have during the night water in the tank heated by cheap night -rate and if I need more hot water a day time I will press the button boost . What settings I need to do please?
You simply program the times on the electronic 7 to the cheap rate times. The boost will work outside of these times.
How do I set the clock to the time it should say now, and how do I set 'ON' and 'OFF' times on my Newlec NLE7 timer, please? Think it's heating during higher tariff time. Thank you.
Please see the downloads tab for the series 2 user manual that will explain that.
For a new installation, do I need a separate backbox? If so, which one do you recommend?
A backbox is included.
I am looking for a timer that can be set either twice ao three times a day. I am not on economy 7 at all. Can I use this timer during peak time supply? Thank you.
Yes you can.
I have a Horstmann electronic 7 water heater. I have found that the only way I am getting any hot water is to use the boost. What could be the problem? Kind regards Jonathan Walpole
It could be a problem with either the Immersion heater or the timer. If you have separate heaters for boost and timed, then you will need to get an electrician to check the output of the timer.
I will be away from home in the near future and will only be returning to the property once or twice a month. What is the best way to manage this timer please? Is it ok to move the output switch to 'off' when I leave and then to the 'timed' position on return?
Yes, that is what I would recommend.
If I set the programme to heat the water in the early hours, but on occasion I know I won't need hot water the next day, so I switch the unit off the night before at the switched output control, will the unit still remember the programme when I switch it back on again for use the day after that?
Yes it will.
Can I just use one timer to control both immersion heaters. Can I programme a regular boost outside of economy tariffs? many thanks.
It will control both heaters. You can time the boost to run once per day
I'm swapping a dated pulsacoil for an unvented cylinder. The old cylinder has a maxistore Quartz programmer. Can i swap these over without having to rewire?
Yes you can.
Should the horseman electronic controller have immersion thermostats fitted?
The immersion heater(s) the timer is controlling should have it's own thermostats fitted.
My immersion heater element recently shorted out and has been replaced. Since then my Horstmann Maxistore Electronic 7 controller only works on boost. Is it likely that it was damaged by the short and needs repair/replacement? Thank you.
Yes, it is possible the short damaged the Electronic 7 which would then mean it needs replacing.
Currently have the Eco 7 Quartz. I'm on Eco 10 supply so need to be able to change the times to fit with my low rate times. The current one is limited to the night only and restricted to the amount of time it is on and only once in the 24 hrs. Is this able to program start and stop times over 2/3 periods of the 24 hr clock?
Yes, this will do that.
I currently have a e7bx can I use the old backing box and is the wiring the same just a case of unplug and plug the new one in or does it have different wiring
I'm afraid this is not suitable for replacing the E7BX.
hi my dad has currently using horstman economy 7 quartz working off twin immersion heaters can he upgrade to this digital timer
Yes, it is a straight easy swap.
Hi I've got Horstmann economy 7 Quartz(Maxistore) supplying to two elements, but I think that's not working properly now so will this work on same wiring and fitting?? Many thanks
Yes it will.
Good morning Does the double pole switch integral to the Horstmann 7 Series 3 timer fulfil the requirements of 17ed. 554.3.3 (shall be permanently connected to the electricity supply through a double pole linked switch), i.e. no need to install a separate DP switch? Thank you
No, you will need to connect a separate one as well.
I have the older economy 7 timer .and have gone on to economy ten will this fit into the same box
Yes it will.
We have a pacttrol micro 7 + water heating programmer which now refuses to work. Is your horstmann electronic economy7 timer completely combatable with my problem and is it easy to fit, regards Lewis johnson
Yes it will replace the Pactrol Micro 7+, it is a fairly simple swap.
I have a newlec NLE7 and after a power cut the display is blank, I was once told to do a reboot to get the display working do you know how to do this many thanks
This can be achieved by holding down the buttons marked “BOOST, MINUS, PLUS & SELECT” simultaneously.
I currently have a water tank that is heater by two immersion heaters. Will this timer allow me to programme anytime of the day within a 24 hr period? So I could have it on once in the morning, once in the afternoon then again in the evening?
Yes it will.
I, I currently have the Horstmann Economy 7 Qaurtz, I need to replace this unit and I was thinking of upgrading to Electronic. Will this unit work in place of the old mechanical Timer? If so will I need to change the back plate?
Yes, it will fit onto the Quartz backplate, so a simple swap.
The water temperature is scolding hot. How do I turn it down?
The thermostat will be located on the immersion heater itself.
what load in amps does timer go up too.
hi can i set this up to come on for just a hour or 2 hours a night please
Yes you can.
What is the KW rating on this unit ?
It is 13 Amps 230V AC Suitable for immersion heaters up to 3 kW
If I decided at later date to change from Economy 7 to a standard tariff could I set the programmable timer to operate at any time of the day?
Yes you can.
will this work with electric megaflo DD170 with 2 immersion heaters one at the top the other at the bottom?
Yes it will.
I have a pactrol micro 7+ which has packed up. Will this be a direct replacement using existing wiring, or will I need to rewire? Many thanks.
Yes it will connect to the same wires.
Hello, Can I set up the timer to go on different times in different days? for ex can it be set up for 2 hours weekdays and 5 days weekends? Thank you
I'm afraid not.
I have a Grasslin ECOsave, but the clock is now running over twice as fast as it should, so it needs to be replaced. Is this a suitable replacement?
Yes, but you will need to change the backplate.
does this come with a back box
Yes it does.
Is this a direct replacement for the Redring 7 Electronic Controller?
Yes it is.
Does this product operate on both off-peak and peak supply? I have a one element water cylinder that is heated on the off peak supply only but don't have a boost facility which is what I need without installing a two element cylinder.
This is for single supply only. You need the BX2000:
I currently have an Electronic 7 controller which is about 7 years old and which only operates on boost and although I have set the timer for overnight Econ tariff use it does not switch the immersion on. Is this model a direct replacement and will it fit into the existing wired wallbox?
Yes, it will be a direct replacement fitting into the existing box.

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