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Traditional Daily Programmer * Complete with new backplate * Two ON/OFF periods per day * 1 hour ..
Ex Tax: £59.99
The ST9400A is a two channel 24 Hour programmer with independent timing for control of heating and h..
Ex Tax: £64.52
The top of the range Lifestyle LP722 allows independent programming of each channel every day of the..
Ex Tax: £34.14
Based on 1 reviews.
* Single channel receiver works in conjunction with 1 thermostat * Uses secure digital radio commun..
Ex Tax: £46.52
The Automatic Air Vent EA122 is suitable for heating systemsand other hot water systems (not potable..
Ex Tax: £12.66
3/4 Inch Valve Body For use with TA actuators. Drayton part number 0614003   ..
Ex Tax: £119.75
Scalemaster SM3 for pre-commissioning NEW central heating systems by flushing out and purging flux g..
Ex Tax: £6.00
Optional cover to make the Honeywell T6360B tamperproof. Ideal for use in shops offices schools etc..
Ex Tax: £9.73
Based on 1 reviews.
Replacement Heads for Barlo or Giacomini TRV's They have also been badged as Tower Boss and Harp ..
Ex Tax: £11.55
Based on 3 reviews.
Replacement receiver for Drayton RF wireless thermostats. This was re-badged by British Gas and s..
Ex Tax: £49.99
Based on 3 reviews.
Chrome Lockshield - Angled with 8/10/15mm fittings. This the the same lockshield that is used in RA..
Ex Tax: £14.56
The DT92E wireless digital room thermostat has been designed to provide automatic temperature contro..
Ex Tax: £83.32
* New Version * Simple to install * Attractive appearance * 5(1)A SPDT contacts * 40-90C The..
Ex Tax: £7.28
The electrisaver is a simple push button electronic timer that saves energy by remembering to switch..
Ex Tax: £26.26
IP67 Bathroom Sensor. Can be used with the TP-One or TP7001 to control the heating..
Ex Tax: £29.25
* 16(4)A SPDT Contacts * Replaces any domestic thermostat - including 2-wire thermostats * Range 1..
Ex Tax: £15.08
Thermowatt TBS Thermostat Commonly used in Ariston Primo unvented cylinders. Replaces TBS Pl..
Ex Tax: £22.16
Grasslin 02.76.0126.1 Mechanical Timer for the following Ariston Boilers ONLY: ACO 27 32 35HP Plu..
Ex Tax: £70.87
Fibre Immersion Heater Gasket For 2 1/4" immersion heaters only       ..
Ex Tax: £1.00
C-Stat 17-ZW is an electronic programmable thermostat that combines time and temperature control in ..
Ex Tax: £75.83
22mm 2-Port valve body. For use with MPE222 and MSV222 actuators. Myson Part No. 421002 ..
Ex Tax: £9.99
Replacement 24v actuator with adaptor for older valves. Replaces: STE71.1 (in NO position only) ..
Ex Tax: £45.00
Replacement gland suitable for Danfoss RA TRVs. Can be replaced without draining down. When fi..
Ex Tax: £6.18
* Complete with new backplate * Daily 5/2 Day or 7 Day Programming * Two or three ON/OFFs per day ..
Ex Tax: £43.50
Based on 1 reviews.
The ST699 is a 24hr electronic central heating time control programmer that can be use on gravity pr..
Ex Tax: £93.03
Ex Tax: £21.82
* 2 Channel Receiver works in conjunction with 2 thermostats * Uses secure digital radio communicat..
Ex Tax: £69.99
Auto Air vent with 15mm pipe connection complete with compression fittings ..
Ex Tax: £3.74
When making 10mm TRVs all the major manufacturers simply put a 15mm TRV together with a 15mm x 10mm ..
Ex Tax: £0.74
Scalemaster SM4 frees EXISTING systems from black oxide corrosion products restoring circulation and..
Ex Tax: £8.00
The C27 CentaurPlus two channel heating programmer offers 7 day programming at an affordable price. ..
Ex Tax: £32.42
22mm 3 Port valve body for use with DVA3 actuator only...
Ex Tax: £11.66
M30x1.5 Thread. Suitable for use with: Honeywell HR80 CM Zone radiator controllers. Pe..
Ex Tax: £8.56
* MEP2c * 24hr 5/2 day or 7 day programming * Independent timebases * Easy to read backlit displa..
Ex Tax: £46.01
V4044C 1569 Part of V4044 range This 3 port valve has been designed to control the flow of wat..
Ex Tax: £93.66
Replaces obsolete REV23-RF The new REV24RF digital room thermostat from Siemens are designed for ..
Ex Tax: £105.99
Based on 4 reviews.
Roll of PTFE tape 12m x 12mm x 0.075mm Suitable for potable water       ..
Ex Tax: £0.25
Replacement TRV head for ACL Drayton Lifestyle RT212 Replaces Drayton / British Gas / Scottish Ga..
Ex Tax: £8.27
For fitting 15mm pipe into 22mm fittings.       ..
Ex Tax: £1.99
HTT4: Tamperproof Room ThermostatA tamperproof room thermostat for use in public areas or other situ..
Ex Tax: £20.19
Replacement 14 inch Immersion heater for Telford and Grant Unvented Cylinders Model ELE-14-IN-800..
Ex Tax: £49.23
Potable Water Shock Arrestor Mini expansion vessel to reduce water hammer. 0.16 Lt capacity..
Ex Tax: £11.99
C-Stat is an electronic programmable thermostat that combines time and temperature control in a comp..
Ex Tax: £39.99
Adaptor for fitting a head with a M30x1.5mm thread to a  Conic (M28x1.5) TRV body. ..
Ex Tax: £10.99
Coupler for fitting a length of 16x2 multi-layer to a length of 15mm copper pipe. ..
Ex Tax: £4.99
For use with Watts Vision systems RF 868MHz Wall mounting receiver. Embedded 10A Relay Volt..
Ex Tax: £36.75
For use with Watts Vision systems RF 868MHz Wall mounting receiver, for heat/cool operations. ..
Ex Tax: £36.75
Direct replacement for previous CS11 model. Modern digital programmable thermostat with pre-conne..
Ex Tax: £50.41
* Bi-Metallic * 15C-90C * 15A Contacts * Ideal pipe thermostat up to 40mm * SPDT contacts * 24V..
Ex Tax: £6.86
Replacement Battery for Honeywell ST699B programmers. Please check your programmers battery is re..
Ex Tax: £8.47