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The Sunvic (previously Satchwell) TLX Room Thermostat is renowned for its high specification and rep..
Ex Tax: £19.35
The L641 is a range of thermostats designed for surface mounting on domestic hot water cylinders ..
Ex Tax: £20.18
The top of the range Lifestyle LP722 allows independent programming of each channel every day of the..
Ex Tax: £34.14
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3 Port Motorised valve actuator. Diverter actuator Model: 087N658900 Replaces: Pegler Sunvic (..
Ex Tax: £41.03
LP711 - 7 day timeswitch For enhanced levels of combi control LP711 gives theend user real flexibil..
Ex Tax: £30.60
LWC1 Wiring Centre * 16 way * Manufatured in a flame-retartant plastic. * Cable clamps supplied..
Ex Tax: £14.80
22mm Airsep with Cold Feed Reduces noise in the system Is widely specified and used by Britis..
Ex Tax: £13.74
Replacement actuator for use with Siemens CZV222 motorised valves. Can also be used on CZV228 valve..
Ex Tax: £49.99
28mm Mid-Position. Assembly of the actuator to the valve body is made on site using the screws pr..
Ex Tax: £79.93
Replacement sensors incorporate RA2000 sensor technology and design and provide a simple and straigh..
Ex Tax: £16.39
Part No. 40003916-002 For V4044C 3 wire priority (3 port) valves. Including: V4044C1288 V4044C1..
Ex Tax: £67.64
22mm 3-Port valve body. For use with MPE322 and MSV322 actuators. Myson Part No. 421002 ..
Ex Tax: £14.65
For fitting standard 1/2" radiator tails into (usually iron) radiators with 3/4" fitting. Brass ..
Ex Tax: £2.09
Full Flow Ball Valve for use with Monoblocco Fittings. Ideal for connecting underfloor heating pi..
Ex Tax: £17.49
Replacement Caleffi TRV Head ..
Ex Tax: £10.07
Limit Stops for limiting the range of the T6360B room thermostat. Enough supplied to limit the ra..
Ex Tax: £8.21
Spanner for removing radiator tails and bleed valves Fits 3/8" and 10mm square section radiator v..
Ex Tax: £4.98
Frost Thermostat Large control knob Neon operation indicator SPST 10 Amp contacts Control..
Ex Tax: £10.35
Coupler for fitting two lengths of 16x2 multi-layer fittings together. ..
Ex Tax: £3.98
Adaptor for fitting a head with a M30x1.5mm thread to a  Conic (M28x1.5) TRV body. ..
Ex Tax: £10.99
Sunvic (previously Satchwell) SM5203 2 Port Actuator (5 Wire) For use with body type EML or ML or D..
Ex Tax: £53.83
Replaces obsolete ST6100C1009 The ST9100C is a 7 Day single channel timeswitch that gives great f..
Ex Tax: £55.66
ZA5/679-2 (Zone Valve) 22mm 2-port Drayton motorised valves now feature removable actuators which..
Ex Tax: £39.99
3 Port 22mm Valve For use with HSA3/HSA3D/HSA3CD Actuator Direct replacement for: Landis & ..
Ex Tax: £28.62
ML7300 (ML7300A) replacement actuator For Smartfit VU12 2 port valve or Smartfit VU13A 3 port valve..
Ex Tax: £60.35
TRV4 Head for use on TRV3 body only (ACL Drayton TRV3-4 conversion head). Drayton part number 07 ..
Ex Tax: £42.74
18" Safety Thermostat The VKL 3000 Series Rod Thermostat is a conventional Rod Control Thermostat..
Ex Tax: £8.91
22mm 3-Port valve body. For use with a MA1 (Mid-Position), ZA3 or ZA5 (Priority) actuator. ..
Ex Tax: £28.26
As part of the commitment to service Danfoss Randall produce a range of Built-In and Remote Sensors ..
Ex Tax: £26.19
Replacement gland suitable for Danfoss RAVL and RAV TRVs. Can be replaced without draining down. ..
Ex Tax: £6.18
* High flow rates - suitable for systems up to 200 sqm. * Superb temperature control. * Quick reac..
Ex Tax: £39.99
Replacement Dial for Honeywell T4360B T4360C T4360D T6360A T6360B and T6360C room thermostats If ..
Ex Tax: £7.03
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The RF2 Pack One from Honeywell includes a single channel timeswitch with a DT92E wireless thermosta..
Ex Tax: £145.79
Power Relay (contactor) Ideal for use with heating systems. For example: Changing a SMC pro..
Ex Tax: £9.07
Assembly of the actuator to the valve body is made on site using the screws provided. The bodies ..
Ex Tax: £45.00
Fits most motorised valves including Honeywell V4073 V4044 V4043 ACL (Drayton) 672 679 773 779 To..
Ex Tax: £6.50
150mm x 8mm closed-cell expanded polyethylene insulation with adhesive surface for fixing to a wall ..
Ex Tax: £26.21
Plug in thermostat.   Ideal for electric radiators Standard 13amp 3-pin plug 5°C t..
Ex Tax: £24.00
Pipe Conduit for sleeving underfloor heating pipe up to 19mm in diameter. 50m for the price of 25..
Ex Tax: £16.37
Pack of 200 pipe fixing staples For pipe sizes 15mm to 18mm outer diameter. 50mm length for us..
Ex Tax: £9.44
Sunvic (previously Satchwell) DM5601 3 Port Actuator Mid-PositionFor use with valve body type MKMot..
Ex Tax: £79.83
Replacement Battery for Honeywell ST699B programmers. Please check your programmers battery is re..
Ex Tax: £8.47
MA1/679-3 (Mid-Position) 3 port 22mm Drayton motorised valves now feature removable actuators whi..
Ex Tax: £38.25
2 Port 22mm Valve. Part No. 087N659700 Direct replacement for: Landis & Gyr LL8222  ..
Ex Tax: £16.23
The Matchmaster is a high quality domestic radiator valve. Features: • Maximum operating pressure..
Ex Tax: £9.23
Replacement VT117E or VT117D Thermostatic Heads. Can also be used to replace heads on VT15 TRV's ..
Ex Tax: £13.23
V4043B 1265 28mm Spring Return Open (SRO) ..
Ex Tax: £81.37
28mm 3-Port Valve body For use with MA1 (mid-position) and ZA5 (priority) actuators Drayton pa..
Ex Tax: £57.93
An easy upgrade to add a wireless programmable thermostat to many combi boilers. Simply replace t..
£54.98 £41.99
Ex Tax: £34.99
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Horstmann BX2000 boost control. Replaces BX90.   ..
Ex Tax: £70.29