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Sunvic (previously Satchwell) SM5203 2 Port Actuator (5 Wire) For use with body type EML or ML or D..
Ex Tax: £52.26
The L641 is a range of thermostats designed for surface mounting on domestic hot water cylinders ..
Ex Tax: £18.84
The HTS3 cylinder thermostat controls the domestic hot water temperature to suit your lifestyle and ..
Ex Tax: £13.04
A stylish electro-mechanical room thermostat for use on 240V systems * RMT-230. * Large easy to ..
Ex Tax: £13.10
2 Port Valve. 15mm or 1/2" Part No. 087N659600         &n..
Ex Tax: £20.52
ZA6/779-2 (Zone Valve) 28mm 2 port Drayton motorised valves now feature removable actuators which..
Ex Tax: £66.16
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When making 10mm TRVs all the major manufacturers simply put a 15mm TRV together with a 15mm x 10mm ..
Ex Tax: £0.74
Scalemaster SM2 restores and maintains heat exchange efficiency in hard water areas and also stops ‘..
Ex Tax: £7.00
The Honeywell 40003918-007 has two uses: 1) As a conversion kit to use a new 40003916-003 replace..
Ex Tax: £14.55
Replacement RAS-C2 Thermostatic Heads. Loose packed. Can also be used to replace heads on RAS-..
Ex Tax: £10.19
A unique life-long system treatment for the elimination of limescale and boiler noise. Safe to use ..
Ex Tax: £12.98
Gate type pump valve. 22mm x 1.5"     ..
Ex Tax: £3.99
The Sunvic (previously Satchwell) TLX Room Thermostat is renowned for its high specification and rep..
Ex Tax: £23.80
22mm 3-Port valve body. For use with MPE322 and MSV322 actuators. Myson Part No. 421002 ..
Ex Tax: £14.65
For fitting standard 1/2" radiator tails into (usually iron) radiators with 3/4" fitting. Brass ..
Ex Tax: £1.55
Pipe thermometer for balancing radiators or underfloor heating circuits * 0-120C Range * 30-250F..
Ex Tax: £5.49
Seitron 11TAES13MC (031132C56) Room Thermostat   On/off room thermostat for heating sy..
Ex Tax: £23.39
For fitting 15mm pipe into 22mm fittings.       ..
Ex Tax: £1.99
Corner Angle All-Chrome Lockshield * 15mm * Left or Right * Maximum Working Pressure: 10 Bar *..
Ex Tax: £10.99
Can be used as either a replacement for a flowmeter or to upgrade a lockshield to provide double reg..
Ex Tax: £23.39
The TLX RFPv programmable room thermostat has been developed for use in areas where it is not practi..
Ex Tax: £29.99
Single Gang Surface Mounted Patress Box 45mm Deep Ideal for use with: Horstmann E15 Boost Tim..
Ex Tax: £2.12
Pipe Conduit for sleeving underfloor heating pipe up to 19mm in diameter. 50m for the price of 25..
Ex Tax: £16.37
This is high quality Multi-Layer pipe. Please do not confuse this with low-quality PEX pipe. &nb..
Ex Tax: £64.99
Sunvic (previously Satchwell) DM5601 3 Port Actuator Mid-PositionFor use with valve body type MKMot..
Ex Tax: £77.50
Replaces obsolete ST6100A1001 The ST9100A is a 24 Hour single channel timeswitch that gives great..
Ex Tax: £44.74
If independent timing of each channel is required linked to easy setting LP241 meets this criteria. ..
Ex Tax: £32.90
Free Economy Delivery Replaces TP5E and TP5000. The Hard Wired TP5000Si combines the functiona..
Ex Tax: £38.58
2 Port 28mm Valve Body. For use with Sunvic SZ2301 or Danfoss Randall HPA2 Actuator Directly i..
Ex Tax: £30.48
As part of the commitment to service Danfoss Randall produce a range of Built-In and Remote Sensors ..
Ex Tax: £18.57
* Removable replaceable head. * 3 Port 22mm Mid-Position * Replaceable Motor * Wedge Type Actuato..
Ex Tax: £70.00
Scalemaster SM3 for pre-commissioning NEW central heating systems by flushing out and purging flux g..
Ex Tax: £6.00
7" Safety Thermostat The VKL 3000 Series Rod Thermostat is a conventional Rod Control Thermostat ..
Ex Tax: £7.46
22mm 2-Port valve body. For use with ZA5 or ZA6 actuators. Drayton part number 27600  ..
Ex Tax: £11.99
Flushes out flux and installation debris from new indirect central heating systems and those up to ..
Ex Tax: £14.31
Gate type pump valve. 28mm x 1.5"     ..
Ex Tax: £4.14
Replacement Actuator for Tower VAL322MP VAL328MP and A3MID Mid-Position Motorised Valves. Also su..
Ex Tax: £25.99
Replacement Dial for Honeywell T4360B T4360C T4360D T6360A T6360B and T6360C room thermostats If ..
Ex Tax: £6.56
Based on 1 reviews.
The RF2 Pack One from Honeywell includes a single channel timeswitch with a DT92E wireless thermosta..
Ex Tax: £136.12
Bracket for fixing pump. Rubber cushion reduces noise from vibrations. Suitable for 22mm or 28mm..
Ex Tax: £3.99
230v 50Hz High power actuator (28N) 1½" Requires perminant live as well as switched live ..
Ex Tax: £273.53
Braille Room Thermostat       ..
Ex Tax: £18.86
Replacement 14 inch Immersion heater for Range Albion and Copperform Unvented Cylinders. Model CE..
Ex Tax: £34.00
Spanner for removing radiator tails and bleed valves Fits 3/8" and 10mm square section radiator v..
Ex Tax: £4.98
Digital weekly room thermostat clock Large easy-to-read display Up to 48 different time &..
£81.41 £66.00
Ex Tax: £55.00
Single Gang Pressed Steel Box 35mm Deep Complies with BS4662 Ideal for flush mounting of: ..
Ex Tax: £1.28
New.  Replaces obsolete TP75, TP7000 (087N740000) and TP7000A (087N740100) The TP7001 series..
Ex Tax: £47.15
Based on 3 reviews.
MagnaClean® Professional sets an industry standard for plumbing and heating engineers when it comes ..
Ex Tax: £64.00
* VTL200-15S * Complete with Lockshield * 15mm Straight * Honeywell branding Optional Accessor..
Ex Tax: £25.32
In accordance with the Building Regulations 2001—Part L1 • Brass Construction • Rated 0.1 to 0.6..
Ex Tax: £5.99

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