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Drayton LP10RF (DT10RF) Wireless Controls for Worcester Boiler

Brand: ACL Drayton (Invensys)
HCO Code: 16B12
Price: £81.52
Ex VAT: £67.93
Stock: In Stock
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Q: Hi, I have the DT10RF linked to my 42CDi boiler. The Stat is fitted on the wall of the hallway. A plumber recently said, that there was a back/stand available for this model. That way we could take it off the wall and move it to rooms we were in, to get the room up to the stat temperature we set. While it is okay in the hall, we have a radiator in there, which no doubt affects the temperature the programmer records. Any help would be appreciated. Bill Nicol

A: Hi. Unfortunately there is not one available for this model. It is wall mount only. If the hall is warming up quicker than the rest of the house, you can turn the wheelhead radiator valve down so it heats slower. Or move it onto the wall in a different room.
Q: My DT10RF has packed up and I asked the Worcester "tech site" for a replacement part. They said 87161144610 Mk2 Digistat Transmitter Greenstar. Will this Drayton LP10RF do the trick and will I get away with not replacing the receiver?

A: Yes it will. It should connect to the existing receiver.
Q: What wireless controller is compatible with a Worcester Bosch greenstar 25si and does the receiver need to be changed as well?

A: This is suitable. Whether your receiver needs changing depends on what one you currently have, and how old it is. Please email us with more details. A new receiver is included with this product.
Q: Hi, will this replace a MT10RF? The boiler in place is a Worcester Greenstar 30si Compact. Just want to check the receiver will fit into front boiler panel /correct connections. 41-406-52 GC Thanks Matt

A: Hi. Yes it will.
Q: Hi I am getting a new Worcester 30i Combi Boiler. Is the Drayton LP10RF easy to use e.g elderly people and how old is this model or when was it launched.Thanks

A: I wouldn't recommend it for elderly people. I would recommend the Famoso 601RF instead. HCO code 22C01.
Q: hi I have a worcester 24 cdi will this fit ?

A: Hi. I'm afraid not.
Q: Hi I have a Worcester 42 cdi GC number 47 406 10 and my digistat part number 87161144620 is faulty will this lp10rf replace it and and if so would I need to change the part on the boiler side as well.

A: Hi. Yes it will. You will only need to change the receiver as well if it is faulty.
Q: Hello, I have a 2009 Greenstar 28i and a worcester DT10RF programmer. The display on the thermostat/programmer has partially failed though it still functions. Will this unit be a suitable replacement? Thank you.

A: Hi. Yes it will.
Q: My room stat has packed in, will this be suitable for replacing the DT10RF, will I need to replace both the room stat and the boiler piece? I have a greenstar 25Si compact, GC number 4731184 Thanks

A: Yes it will.
Q: Will this work if I only change the DT10RF to Drayton version, but keeping the original Bosch Boiler programmer ?

A: Yes it will.
Q: I have replaced the batteries on my DT10RF with no joy- blank screen, Cani I replace this with an LP10RF wireless controller - my boiler. Is a green star 30cdi. Many thanks in anticipation Steve Shafto

A: Yes you can.
Q: will this fit a Worcester Greenstar 29 CDI Classic

A: Yes it will.
Q: Hi there - just checking this is compatible with a Greenstar 35CDI? Many thanks!

A: Hi. Assuming it is the Greenstar 35CDI Classic, then yes.
Q: Hi. I have a Worcester junior 24i boiler with mechanical timer mt10 with no room stat. Will the lp10rf work on my boiler without having the digistat fitted?

A: Hi. Yes, but you will need to use the included Digistat for controlling the heating.
Q: Hi Is this compatible with worcester 25si compact erp combi? Thanks

A: Hi. Yes it is.
Q: hi I have a Worcester green star 24i junior, the digistat has broke can I replace it with a Drayton LP10RF digistat or would I need to buy a kit. thanks kurt

A: If it is DT10RF and has issue 2 on the back, then you can replace just the Digistat+ 3RF. If it is a different model, or an issue 1, then you will need a kit.
Q: I have Geenstar 30cdi boiler with a digistat DT10RF roomstat.(approx 11years old) The reciever on the boiler works ok but frequently loses RF contact with the roomstat. I suspect the roomstat is faulty. Can I replace it with the LP10RF or would I also have to insall a new boiler receiver?

A: Yes you can. However, due to the age of it, I would recommend replacing the receiver as well.
Q: Hi, Will the Lp10rf replace my existing MT10 timer on my green star juicier 28? Thank you

A: Hi. Yes it will.
Q: Hi we need to replace a old mechanical timer on a Worcester Danesmoor 15/19 oil boiler Boiler was installed 1979 works perfect apart from timer can you suggest a suitable replacement timer.

A: You will need an external timer, like a Siemens RWB29Si, and then run a cable to the boiler to connect it.
Q: Hi, are these compatible with my Worcester Bosch 30Si 7716130140? The digistat is dead, but the controls on the boiler are working OK - so would I just need to buy the Drayton Digistat, or would I need to buy the boiler receiver unit also? Kind regards Tim

A: Hi. Yes it is. If your existing one is the MT10RF model, and is 'issue 2' (made within the last 10 years), then you can replace the Digistat (see Digistat+ 3RF). Otherwise you will need this kit (including receiver).
Q: i have a Greenstar 30Si boiler (c 2012) with MT10RF controls, is the Drayton LP10RF compatible as I wish to change to digital controls.

A: Yes it is.
Q: Will this replace my existing Worcester MT10RF Mechanical RF Thermostat/Timer and receiver without having to change the wiring or modifying the boiler casing? It is controlling a Worcester Greenstar 24i/28i Junior combination boiler.

A: Yes it will.
Q: is this suitable to replace an existing digistat on a worcester greenstar 30cdi combi boiler, it looks exactly the same.

A: Yes it is.

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Now available direct from Drayton, the clip-in range of controls designed for Worcester Bosch Boilers.

Suitable for all boilers where Worcester part number 7716192053 or 7716192052 is suitable.

Previously sold as Worcester DT10RF.

7-Day Wireless Programmable Thermostat.  Hot Water control on plug-in receiver.


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