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Lockable Programmer / Timeswitch Guard

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HCO Code: 25A14
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* Complete with key for tamperproofing.
* Holes in frame allow air to circulate freely.
* Easy to install - flush mounted.
* Max. size of programmer/timeswitch 175x100x55mm WxHxD.


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what is the guard made of please? will it be possible to drill a hole to allow access to a boost button so the timer can be set and locked but if required tenants can boost for 1 hour outside the timed on period, ensuring the heating is not left on but allowing them to continually boost if required?
It is made of plastic. You should be able to do that with the correct bit and a slow speed.
Please provide the actual external dimensions for this guard. Many thanks.
It is 200x120x86mm
Will this fit around the TRTD7 Economy 7 Digital Timeswitch with Boost Control
I'm afraid not.
Will it fit over Danfoss 103E7?
Yes, it will.
Is it large enough to enclose the Honeywell ST9100C programmer?
Yes it is.
How many keys are provided and what are the EXTERNAL dimensions please.
One key is included. More are available under "Related Products" Outside dimensions are 200x120x83mm
Hi. Will this fit around a Drayton LP241 programmer? Its external measurements are 150x95x31mm.
Yes it will.
I have a Drayton LP522 programmer to fit a guard around, its external measurements are 148x91x31 mm Your item HCO code 25A14 quotes a H of max 90mm (I need 91mm) How accurate is your max measurement?
The Drayton LP522 will fit into this guard.
Is it compatible with any boiler.?
It will only fit externally installed timers, it is not suitable for ones inbuilt on boilers.
Is the lockable cover vandal resistant
They are virtually unbreakable, so will resist all but the most determined of vandals.

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