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Drayton (ACL) Lifestyle LP111 24-Hour Timeswitch

Brand: ACL Drayton (Invensys)
HCO Code: 21A08
Price: £33.52
Ex VAT: £27.93
Stock: In Stock
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Q: I have read that the time function sutomatically resets itself but we had a loss of power for about 15 minutes and the clock has never put itself back to correct time. It is a new unit, fitted in November. Any ideas?

A: If the backup battery is not working, then I would suggest getting it swapped under warranty.
Q: How do you remove the LP111 controller from the base plate. The controller has been set into the tiles and if there are release screws they are not visible. Many thanks.

A: There are two small screws underneath. It sounds like they may have been covered by the tiles. HCO code 15C03 will allow you to install the new one with accessible screws and a neat finish.
Q: I have a lifestyle LP111 and am looking to replace it as it 18 years old. However I'm puzzled why there are at least two different models of the LP111 . Why don't they just use different LP numbers between models. I need the most similar direct replacement to avoid issues. New ones have GMT BST clocks. Does this mean the battery back up has changed. Currently I have advance but no boost facility . Is it just the same thing rebadged. I only need a one channel timeswitch for my installation as I want it as simple as possible.

A: The current LP111 we sell will clip onto the backplate of all older versions of the LP111. A simple 5 minute swap. It does still have a battery backup for power cuts.
Q: Hi I have a LP111 and need new battery is it replaceable.

A: Hi. The older types had a replaceable battery, but the newer ones are not replaceable. The easiest way to tell is just to look at the back of the unit (switch off the power first).
Q: I have a potterton EP4002. This i believe is obsolete now and am wondering if your controller would be a straight swap using my old potterton back plate?

A: You would need to change the backplate to fit the LP111.
Q: I have a TEMPUS ONE central heating timer on a gravity fed system Can I replace it with ??? Would the LP 111 be OK

A: Yes, you can replace it with the LP111.
Q: I have a Drayton SM1 which is really noisy. Can I swop to this one by using existing backplate and avoid rewriting?

A: Yes, you can.
Q: I have a lifestyle LP111 fitted but because of its tight fitting in a small place I am unable to read how to set it as I was out when it was fitted. Can you tell me how this is done Thank you Alan

A: See the downloads tab.
Q: Can the unit switch between hot water and central heating, and hot water only, or do I have to do it manually at the boiler???

A: It is single channel so can not control heating and hot water separately.
Q: My old drayton tempus one has just broke and was looking for a suitable replacement but with the same backplate and wiring. Am I right in saying that the drayton lifestyle LP711 is virtually a straight swap. Regards

A: Yes it is a straight swap.
Q: The LP111 replaces the ACL Lifestyle LS111 - do you have instructions how to do this? - in the description, it says it has the same backplate but requires a link between two terminals?

A: We can include a sheet with detailed instructions. Just email us with your order number and we will include it with your order.
Q: hello, is LP111 ok to replace UT2. Regards A.V.

A: Yes, it is a plug on replacement.

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LP111 - 24 Hour timeswitch

*Now even easier to use
*1hr Boost Facility
*Automatic summer/winter timechange
*Memory saver - programme and clock never need resetting in the event of loss of power
*Easy to read backlit screen
*New contemporary design
*Pre-set clock
*On/once/timed/off switching options
*3 timing periods per day
*Programme advance buttons
*Part L Compliant (Part J in Scotland)
*Proven reliability

Replaces (same backplate and wiring for easy changeover):
Drayton SM1, Lifestyle LP111
British Gas UT1, UT2, EMT2
ACL Lifestyle LS111

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