Radio Frequency (Wireless)

Radio Frequency (Wireless)

Optimum Vibe2 WiFi Wireless Programmable Thermostat


Salus LG+5V Receiver For Ideal Gen2 Boilers


Salus Quantum WQ610RF Wireless Programmable Thermostat


Salus RT510TX Transmitter Only


Salus RXBC605 Receiver


Salus RXRT510 Receiver


Salus RXVBC605 Receiver for Vaillant Boilers


Salus RXWBC605 Receiver for Worcester Bosh Boilers


Secure (Horstmann) C1727 Wireless Control


Secure (Horstmann) H3747 Wireless Control


Secure (Horstmann) THS Wireless Temperature


Secure Plug-In WiFi Adaptor for C1727 or H3747

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