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Salus RT310RF Wireless Digital Thermostat

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The RT310RF is the replacement for the highly successful RT300RF. Along with all the existing features it comes with some exciting new features.

  • Sleep Mode
  • Frost Protection
  • Desk Stand
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Simple Operation
  • Frequency 868 MHz with 30 metre range
  • Pre-Paired for "Plug and Play"
  • 16 amp Switching receiver
  • Contemporary design
  • RF Test Function
  • Easy Installation
Thermostat Size: 96x96x27mm HxWxD
Receiver Size: 95x130x65mm HxWxD

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Hi, I have a Worcester Greenstar 34CDI boiler - will this item work? And if so, is it easy to install?
Yes it will.  If you have a timer on the boiler, it is just 4 wires between boiler and receiver.  If you have an external timer, then it is a bit more complicated.

Does this include the receiver as well as the thermostat?
Yes it does.

Hello,i have a Danfoss TP5001 + RF room thermostat, battery operated, on a vailiant ECO MAX combi boiller. would this be a straight replacement , thankyou.
Hi. If it has the RX1S receiver, it would be. However, this is not programmable - just plain up/down.
Hi, Would this thermostat work with a logic ideal boiler? Thanks
Hi Yes it will.
Hello As a consumer I have a fading RT300Rf - Would RT310RF be a straight swap ? How would I set up. Any wiring changes ? Regards B Eastwood
Hi Yes, the new receiver will connect to the same 4 wires as the old one. So a simple swap.
Does the controller set as low as zero degrees?
The lowest possible setting is 5C.

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