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Watts Milux Programmable Thermostat

Brand: Watts Electronics
HCO Code: 22A05
Price: £63.49
Ex VAT: £52.91
Stock: In Stock
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Q: Is this a replacement for Polyplumb PBPRP MILUX P-3156 please

A: Yes, as long as the top two terminals (remote sensor) are not currently being used.
Q: I have a Watts Milux P02384 which doesn't work due to corroded battery terminals. Is the current replacement HCO code 22A05?

A: Yes it is.
Q: Hi I have never worked out how to use the controls but found a you tube video to help Now it is saying loc code and it won’t do anything at all Please can you help Thank you

A: Hi Press OK and + simultaneously to disable the keypad lock
Q: I plan on replacing a p3350 with this product. Does it come with its own backplate.?

A: Yes it does.
Q: I believe that this is a replacement for the Watts Milux Chrono (which I have fiited described as a John Guest t/stat JGUHFPRS). Mine is from 2006 (V1 ?) and images on the web show a different top casing to the one shown above on your website (V2 ?). Does your version fit onto the old V1 back plate, please.

A: You will need to change the backplate, but it will connect to the same 2 wires.
Q: We have a milux minute P3350. We have 2 wires with 230 volt in bottom left connector block. We have a brown cable in the middle and blue in bottom slot. Can you please confirm that this 3 inlets terminal block works as follows: -Top is for cooling ( not needed in our case as it is only Underfloor heating) -Mid is permanent live in -Bottom one is live back to either boiler or zone valve ?

A: The order of the pins can vary. There should be a sicker on the backplate showing the order. The function is how you suggest.
Q: Need to replace a p-3350 and wondered if this is the best option. It has 2 x 2 pins at the back.

A: As long as the top two pins are not used, then it will be fine.
Q: I bought one of these a few months ago. Can it be turned off fully (not just the display) and if so how?

A: There is a switch underneath the thermostat. However I would recommend changing the mode to antifreeze mode instead of using it.
Q: Hi! Our Milux thermostat stopped working. I’ve replaced the batteries-it does look like there was some leakage from the old batteries. It is an older one-probably 10+ years (we’ve only lived here a year). It looks like the one pictured on your website. Is this fairly common-and is the fix purchasing a new one?

A: If changing the batteries and cleaning up the leaking doesn't fix it, then yes you will need to replace it.
Q: Hi. I have model p3350 and I’m thinking of to grading it to a new unit connected to an iOS app for programming. Do you have any recommendations? Thanks

A: Hi. As long as the top two terminals (remote sensor) are not used, then I would recommend the Nest-E - HCO Code 20A06, or Delta Dore TYBOX 5000 - HCO Code 07A28.
Q: OF:280009 this is the thermostat we have , can you tell me what would be compatable. Ours has 3 pins

A: Please send us a photo to sales@heatingcontrolsonline.co.uk There should be a label with a P number on the inside.
Q: Hi I am looking to replace my WAT MILUX P3350 ( 4 pin connection), can you recommend a replacement model please?

A: Hi. If the top two pins (remote sensor) are not used, then this one would be suitable.
Q: Does this come with the backplate

A: Yes it does.
Q: Hi there, I have a model P-1814. It has only been running for about 6 years and the batteries have leaked and stopped it from working. Is there a way to prevent this from happening again? Duracell batteries. Thanks

A: Hi. It is best to change the batteries before their expiry date. I would recommend changing them when the boiler is serviced.
Q: Hello, I need to replace my thermostat, with broken display. Model is P03841. Will this work, or I need a different model? Thanks.

A: Hi I'm afraid neither Watts nor ourselves have trace of that number. Can you please send a photo of the front and inside to help with identification. Please send them to sales@heatingcontrolsonline.co.uk
Q: Can this be used to replace Polypipe PBPRP It looks very similar to the units I have Thanks

A: Yes it can.
Q: Hi. I currently have 3 zoned thermostats being the WATT MILUX RF PRESTIGE. It has ceased to function and needs replacing, but it appears the RF is no longer made or available. Will this model work with my old receiver ro will i need a new receiver too? Thanks

A: Hi. No, this is not wireless. You will need a new thermostat and receiver. The Watts Vision is the current range.
Q: Hi, does it include a back box. Regards Douglas.

A: Hi. Yes it does.
Q: Our Milux P3350, thermostat has stopped working could I purchase this instead is it compatible with the same unit? Thanks

A: Yes you can.
Q: I have a malfunctioning wired Polypipe programmable room thermostat-PB-PZP. Will the P-2384 replace it?

A: Yes it will.
Q: Is this the same as a Roth Chrono thermostat??

A: Yes it is.
Q: Does this thermostat have a sensor thats for wall or floor?

A: No.
Q: Does this come with receiver and programmable room thermostat? I need both items.

A: It is wired not wireless. You will need the P02231 and P02232
Q: What is the difference between the 2231 and 2384?

A: The 2231 is wireless. The 2384 is wired.
Q: Is this compatible with a Watts P-3156/04? Our has stopped working due to corroded battery contacts. Many thanks

A: Yes it is.
Q: Is this item compatible with the same unit with serial number P01859/03? Thanks

A: The P-2384 is the correct one.
Q: I have a taconova RT-WP which is malfunctioning. Can I buy one of these as a replacement?

A: Yes, you can.
Q: Can this thermostat be programmed for manual operation? I want option of timed operation but usually it will be switched OFF and ON as required. Does it indicate on the screen when boiler is switched to run?

A: It can be set to a temperature and it will hold that temperature until put back into auto mode. A flame symbol shows when it is firing the boiler.
Q: Is this compatible with the fittings for a Polypipe PB PZP Programmable Room Thermostat? It looks virtually the same and Polypipe has discontinued that unit.

A: Yes, the P-2384 is the same as the Polypipe PBPZP.

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Programmable Thermostat with digital display.
Simple programming function by bargraph (1 hour steps).
Several working modes: Auto, Comfort, Reduction, Anti-Freeze, Holiday and OFF.

Operating voltage: 3 x AA LR6 1,5 V
Output: Relay 230 VAC / 5A (Free Contact)
Connection: screw connector 3 points. (Common, NO, NC)
Setting temperature : 5C° - 35C°
Differential at 20C°: 0.5C°
Protection class: IP30

Watts P-1814, P-2384
Polypipe PB PZP, Polyplumb PBPRP and Speedfit JGUFHPRS

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