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15mm x 8mm Reducer

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When making 8mm TRVs all the major manufacturers simply put a 15mm TRV together with a 15mm x 8mm reducer.
Usually it is cheaper to puchase these items seperatley.



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I have bought some of these from another maker and found that it does not fit the lockshield valve that comes with Drayton trv4 - it fits the TRV just not the valve. I'm on the hunt for ones that do. I was about to buy yours but I notice someone else says the same about yours. What gives?
Ours fit the lockshield that comes with the TRV4 no problem at all.
Will this fit with a Danfoss TRV?
As long as it is a 15mm compression one.
Hi does the 8m pipe just slot in with no olive or anything just sealed with the comprsion from nut on the rad valve many thanks
Hi. Yes, that's correct.
I've just bought 11 of these from you to convert 15mm Drayton TRV4s to 8mm. If I replace the 15mm olive, the nut no longer does up. Do these definitely work with 15mm TRV4s ?
Yes, as the nut tightens the reducer will "collapse" and grip the pipe. This will allow the nut to tighten fully.
How does this work do they sit internally with in the valve ?
They replace the 15mm olive, so fit inside the 15mm compression fitting.

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