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Siemens RDE100.1RF Wireless Programmable Thermostat - No Receiver

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Siemens room thermostats ensure energy efficient operation and a comfortable room temperature.

For use with RDE-MZ6 receiver.

The new generation of RDE100 7-day programmable room thermostats feature state-of-the-art touch technology, a slim design and superior ease of use. Capacitive buttons offer touch-based operation, and an intuitive menu makes it easy to set the desired room temperature as well as time programs.

New room thermostats with intuitive touch control
The new generation of RDE100 7-day room thermostats guarantees optimal room comfort, and their sleek and elegant design makes them perfect for any modern decor.
Operation is simple, with capacitive buttons that need just a light touch to enter the desired room temperature or adjust individual settings. In addition, the current room temperature is easy to read on the large LCD display.

The right temperature at the right time
Flexible and easy to set up, the room thermostats time program maintains the right room temperature while lowering energy consumption and costs. This ensures that rooms are heated only when in use to avoid unnecessary energy consumption in unoccupied paces.

Immediate use thanks to straightforward installation
The room thermostats can be mounted directly to the wall and are compatible with all commercially available recessed conduit boxes.

Rely on an experienced partner
Siemens has been developing room thermostats for more than 70 years. Benefit from our proven application know-how and decades of experience.

• Comfort, Economy, Auto Timer and Protection mode
• Auto Timer
• Adjustable commissioning and control parameters
• Battery-powered room thermostat DC 3 V (RDE100.1RF)
• Multi-Zone receiver available (RDE-MZ6)
• Multifunction input for external floor sensor, keycard contact, etc.
• 7-day, 5/2 day or 24 hour programming
• Display of current room temperature or setpoint in °C or °F
• Touchkey lock (manually)
• Setpoint lock
• Periodic pump run
• Wireless operating frequency 433 MHz

Thermostat: 127x85x21.5mm HxWxD

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